Cleaners & Degreasers

FOVAC manufactures a broad range of cleaners and degreasers for the industry. Each product is formulated to meet a specific need or application whether it be difficult to remove grease, oil, carbon and soils from many surfaces.

The FOVAC brand has long stood for performance and value and has oil and grease removing products, oil dispersants, degreasing solvents, concrete cleaners and heavy duty detergents for use in industrial and commercial environments including engineering workshops, oil rigs, water storage tanks, food processing plants, commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, automotives and more.

1 F12A ADS Paint Remover InfoFOVAC® ADS Paint Remover is a is a low odor, alkaline paste paint stripper that liquefies paints on a variety of substrates. FOVAC ® ADS removes most paints, varnishes, polyurethanes, and water-based latex paints from metal, stone, concrete, marble, plaster wall, ceiling and decorative plaster. FOVAC ® ADS can remove over 30 layers of paint safely and easily in a single application. FOVAC ® ADS is particularly well suited for stripping lead-based paint including red lead primer found on steel. Enquire Enquire
2 F15 PE10009 Purging Compound (For Plastic Injection Machine) InfoCommercial polyethylene extruders require fast, effective and inexpensive means of purging product equipment, particularly when extruding a series of compound that vary widely in melt index or in color. An efficient purging compound is also of great value in the production of thin films or extrusion coatings, where cleanliness is critical and special precautions must be taken to prevent gel build up which can cause web tears. FOVAC ® PE10009 provides the first practical method of rapidly and economically cleaning of an extruder. For over a decade, this product has proved its value in minimizing downtime for clean ups and facilitating transition from one resin to another. Several effective cleaning agents have been incorporated in a polyethylene-based composition to produce a compound with excellent scrubbing and scavenging properties. Enquire Enquire
3 F16 Electrical Parts Cleaner c/w Anti-Static Compound InfoFOVAC® F16 Electrical Parts Cleaner is an efficient solvent based cleaner used to clean electric motor, machinery parts, electrical and electronic equipment. This unique cleaning solvent eliminates the risk of fire and explosion as FOVAC ® F16 is non-flammable and does not conduct electricity. Therefore, it is safely used around running motors or electrical panels without causing downtime on the equipment. FOVAC ® F16 is specially formulated to clean oil, grease, dirt, grime and carbon from all parts and quickly evaporates to leave a clean anti-static area. Enquire Enquire
4 F17 Machinery Degreaser InfoFOVAC® F17 Machinery Degreaser is a powerful cleaner suitable for removing the most stubborn oil, grease and dirt. It is specially formulated with surface active agents and builders which makes cleaning easy and economical. This product has a strong affinity for oil and contaminates and loosens them from the parts and is highly recommended for degreasing engines, moulds, garage floors, removing grease, machinery parts, tiles, heavy industrial equipment and water oil circulation systems. It also contains an effective corrosion inhibitor to protect cleaned parts including ferrous and non ferrous metals. Used extensively to removes heavy accumulation of grease, extraneous oil, and tar asphalt from engine blocks, road equipment, and aircraft parts. May be used in high pressure washers. FOVAC ® F17 is readily biodegradable and non hazardous for safer use. FOVAC ® F17 is widely used in the industrial, institution, workshop, off-shore oil rigs and also in the construction industries. Enquire Enquire
5 F18 Universal Water Based Degreaser InfoFOVAC® F18 Universal Degreaser is a concentrated water-based chemical cleaner used for cleaning a multitude amount of areas. FOVAC® F18 special chemical compound will loosen grease, dirt and grime from the most stubborn areas and is easily hosed, wiped or brushed off. This same compound additive will emulsify grease and convert it to a soap base for easy removing. Commonly use to clean workshop floors/walls, degrease machine parts, remove old grease from equipment, clean restaurant floors, degreases engine and many other areas. Enquire Enquire
6 F23 RRC Stain Remover InfoFOVAC® RRC Stain Remover is a mild acid-based, highly effective cleaner to remove rust and stain marks on floors or other surfaces. FOVAC ® RRC superior wetting properties give it an advantage to act on oil stains and rust stains to quickly remove them with a simple water flush. FOVAC ® RRC Stain Remover is safe to use on concrete, mosaic, tiles, stone floorings, wooden flooring, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, copper and mild steel. Enquire Enquire
7 F24 RCM Mosaic Cleaner InfoFOVAC® RCM Mosaic Cleaner is a specially formulated acidic cleaner and disinfectant specially for mosaic, tiles, bathtubs and toilet bowls. It effectively removes stubborn dirt and grime leaving your floors, tiles, mosaic, kitchen and bathrooms clean and sterile. FOVAC ® RCM is applied by mopping, spraying onto surface to be cleaned. Allow 2 – 3 minutes for it to take effect. Thereafter hose off with water. Stubborn stains can be further scrubbed with a stiff brush. For normal use, dilute 1 part to 10. For stubborn stains, dilute 1 part to 1 part water. Enquire Enquire
8 F25 Penetrating and Cleaning Oil InfoFOVAC® F25 Glass Cleaner is a water-glycol based, mild alkaline cleaner solution specially formulated for safe cleaning of multitude surfaces. FOVAC ® F25 cuts through grease, dirt, and smoke film to leave glass and other shiny surfaces streak-free. FOVAC ® F25 does not contain any ammonia, alcohol or harsh volatile solvents. 0% VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) This makes it an extraordinarily safe product that guards your health from solvents and toxins traditionally found in glass and surface cleaners. Safe to use on all glass (treated glass, Plexi-glass, auto glass, mirrors, light fixtures, etc. plus chrome, appliances, floors, or any surface that needs general cleaning. Enquire Enquire
9 F26 Carpet Cleaner InfoFOVAC® F26 Carpet Cleaner is a specially-formulated liquid detergent compound used to clean carpets and rugs. FOVAC® F26 is often used in conjunction with a rotary-style carpet cleaning machine or a cylindrical model which uses compressed air to generate foam before agitation. The general idea of using carpet cleaner is to create a thick foam which will attract and suspend dirt particles scrubbed out of the carpet pile. Once this dirty foam has dried, the residue can be vacuumed or removed. FOVAC® F26 is able to generate a considerable amount of long-lasting foam with the addition of a foam additive that gives FOVAC® F26 its foamy quality, while dirt removers called anionic detergents provide cleaning power. Because dirt particles actually form an electrostatic bond with carpet fibers, anionic agents are used to break that bond and provide a more “attractive” alternative. Because the carpet cleaning machine uses strong brushes to agitate the foam, FOVAC® F26 also have a lubricating quality to protect the carpet from tangles and distress. Enquire Enquire
10 F27F27 Vinyl & Upholstery Shiner InfoFOVAC® F27 Vinyl and Upholstery Cleaner is a specially formulated foamy liquid detergent used to clean vinyl and upholstery. FOVAC® F27 is removes stains both old and new from vinyl and upholstery. It can be used safely on both woolen and synthetic fibres. FOVAC® F27 deodorises your fabric and leather upholstery, carpets, lounge suites and other fabric as it cleans, leaving a wonderful natural fresh fragrance. It can also be used in shampooing machines as an economical, all-over carpet cleaner, diluted at about 8 parts water to 1 part FOVAC® F27. FOVAC® F27 removes common stains such as Blood, Food, Coffee, Tea, Grease, Oil spots, Pet stains, Shoe Polish and much more. Also used as a cleaner for surfaces such as painted walls, benches, floors, and materials like Vinyl, metal & Glass Enquire Enquire
11 F29 WPR Wax Stripper InfoFOVAC® WPR Wax Stripper is a no scrub formula is a combination of emulsifiers that quickly and easily penetrates and lifts all types of polymers/floor finishes for easy pick up with a mop or wet vacuum. Safe for any surface except wood. Easy to use without any offensive odors and effective where routine strippers are not. Designed to remove all water emulsion waxes and finishes; acrylics, metal interlocks and urethane emulsions from resilient tile, concrete, marble and terrazzo floors and other surfaces. FOVAC ® WPR is powerful enough to remove multiple layers, build-up or highly burnished finish easily and safely. Use of a swing machine will speed the stripping process. Commonly use to remove floor waxes; styrene, polymers, co-polymers, oligimers, and metal crosslinked finishes and water based urethane sealers. Enquire Enquire
12 F31 Waterless Hand Gel c/w Antiseptic Germicide InfoFOVAC® F31 WATERLESS HAND GEL is a super efficient cleaner that incorporates fine cleaning and yet very safe to use. FOVAC ® F31 is formulated to rid oil, grease, dirt, ink and grime but has a nourishing effect on the hand with a refreshing fragrance. FOVAC ® F31 will not dry or roughen hands after use as it contains our special cream that not only nourish the skin but acts as a good antiseptic germicide to treat any cuts or abrasion on the hand. Apply FOVAC ® F31 and rub on hand, arms and area to be cleaned, either hose off with water or cleaned up with dry cloth / rag afterwards. FOVAC ® F31 can also be applied prior to handling greasy / dirty jobs to ensure easier cleaning later as well as acting as a protection layer on the hand. FOVAC ® F31 is not known to cause any allergy or any other skin diseases. Enquire Enquire
13 F33 Hand Protection Barrier Cream InfoFOVAC® F33 Hand Barrier Cream is a specially formulated anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, antiseptic compound paste that protects the epidermis layer of the skin from the penetration of paints, oils, jet fuels, greases, inks, fats, dirt and grime. At the same time, FOVAC ® F33 allows the skin to ‘breath’ and carry out normal skin functions. Engineers, technicians, mechanics and workers find FOVAC ® F33 to be a very useful product that can offer excellent protection to the hand when handling greasy, oil and certain corrosive liquid. Enquire Enquire
14 F36 Floor Polish InfoFOVAC®F36 Floor Polish is a special blend of polymer-based chemical that is designed for coating surfaces to enhanced shine and protect the surface at the same time. It is especially formulated to give your floor a protective high gloss finish. Washing the floor won’t spoil the shine. FOVAC ® F36 can be used on sealed linoleum flooring, vinyl flooring, tiles, marble, granite, plastic flooring, rubber flooring, sealed wood and sealed cork flooring. Enquire Enquire
15 F37 TCD Engine Decarbonizer InfoFOVAC® TCD Engine Decarbonizer is a blend of solvents and cleaners designed to remove wax, carbon, light rust, soils, heavy grease and carbonize sludge from machinery parts, oven chains, engine blocks and spare parts. FOVAC ® TCD effectively removes the above but remains safe for rubber, plastic, PVC and other seals around the equipment/engine. Enquire Enquire
16 F40 Compound Cleaner (Acidic) InfoFOVAC® F40 Compound Cleaner is specially engineered for use to remove Alkyd Enamels, Tire marks, Varnishes, Amine Catalyzed Epoxides, Rubberized deposits, Acrylics and other epoxy coatings. FOVAC ® F40 is a non-flammable cleaner that can safely remove the above coatings from most metals with the exception of magnesium. FOVAC ® F40 works into the surface coating and dislodge it from the metal base for easy removal. FOVAC ® F40 is used extensively in the marine, automobile, industrial and electronics industry where a surface finishing is of utmost importance. It is also used in scientific laboratories for cleaning of various coatings before testing. Enquire Enquire
17 F40M CLP Food Grade Cleaner InfoFOVAC® CLP Food Grade Cleaner is a concentrated and powerful alkaline based cleaner specified by food industry for the purpose of cleaning all food preparation machineries, equipment, conveyors, food utensils and packing. FOVAC ® CLP is has minimum foaming and contains special wetting agents, surfactants with good cleaning power for even stubborn soils in the canning, bottling and food processing industries. FOVAC ® CLP meets the food grade specifications of U.S. FDA Authority H1 rating. Enquire Enquire
18 F44 Sanitizer Cleaner InfoFOVAC® F44 SANITIZER CLEANER is a special sanitizer, cleaner, germicide and deodorizer all in one by our formulated chemist to clean and disinfect all surfaces prone to germs and bacteria growth. FOVAC ® F44 will combat foul smell and germs/bacteria growth in hospitals, institutions, canteens, garbage dump and rubbish chutes, etc. After clearing rubbish away from any dumps they can also use FOVAC ® F44 to clean and deodorize the compound. FOVAC ® F44 contains powerful disinfectant to control germs and bacteria growths and fresheners to deodorize the area to leave a hygienic and pleasant odor around the area. FOVAC ® F44 is also very safe to use as it is non-toxic, non-flammable and safe to the environment. Enquire Enquire
19 F45 CLA Drain Opener InfoFOVAC® CLA Drain Opener is a highly concentrated solvent that effectively unclogs drains, pipelines, Grease traps, toilets drains and sanitary system quickly. Used commonly in toilets, canteens or other public areas , FOVAC ® CLA saves the trouble of having to manually pump the drains or to remove pipe ,joints to clear blockages. FOVAC ® CLA contains a unique inhibitor to protect pipeline while cleaning the system. Enquire Enquire
20 F46 Dish Wash (Industrial Grade) InfoFOVAC® F46 Dish Wash has a highly concentrated blend of surface active agents specially formulated for dish washing. Despite it’s efficient cleaning and disinfecting properties, it is mild to the skin because of a special skin protecting agent that is incorporated in the formulation. An economical product highly recommended for household, restaurants and food stores. Enquire Enquire
21 F50 Stainless Steel Cleaner (Liquid) InfoFOVAC® F50 Liquid Stainless Steel Cleaner has been formulated to give excellent and efficient cleaning of Stainless Steel Surface. FOVAC ® F50 takes away the tedious scrubbing using steel brush or other types of cleaning acid. FOVAC ® F50 incorporates special cleaning additives and inhibitors that will clean away carbon, oil stains, finger prints, weld marks, grease and light rust without affecting the base stainless steel surface. Just apply FOVAC ® F50 using brush or spray and hose or wipe off with water. FOVAC ® F50 is used extensively in the industry to clean stainless steel equipment, utensils, pipings, newly fabricated tanks and pressure vessels etc. Soils, oil stains, anti-rust coating, carbon marks and embedded dirt comes off easily with one treatment of FOVAC ® F50 to leave the surface clean and bright. FOVAC ® F50 can be diluted to with up to 10 parts of water to clean aluminium, zinc, copper and brass

Meets or exceeds these standards
U.S. FDA regulation CFR 21 178.3570 and CFR S 178.3620(a)
USDA H1 Lubricant
Star K as Kosher and Pareve.

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22 F51 Stainless Steel Cleaning Gel (7 kg) InfoFOVAC® F51 Stainless Steel Cleaning Gel has been formulated to give excellent and efficient cleaning of Stainless Steel Surface. FOVAC ® F51 takes away the tedious task of scrubbing using steel brush or other types of corrosive cleaning acid, just apply FOVAC ® F51 using brush and hose or wipe off with water. FOVAC ® F51 will remove burn marks on stainless steel surface caused by welding, oxy cutting, grinding, heat treatment and laser cutting. Enquire Enquire
23 F56 PCP Chlorine Powder (50 kg) InfoFOVAC® PCP CHLORINE POWDER is a dry, free flowing white color compound with many diversified functions. FOVAC ® PCP has chlorine as the active ingredient for the various applications as below. FOVAC ® PCP is usually diluted in three times with water by weight for its many applications (particle not dissolved can be collected and dispose) It is used extensively for the purpose of Disinfecting, sterilizing, keeping algae growth at bay, bleaching, maintenance of swimming pools and water fountain Enquire Enquire
24 F57 CKW Copper Cleaner InfoFOVAC® CKW Copper Cleaner is a mild acidic based cleaner incorporating various cleaner additive to clean, degrease, deoxidize the surface of copper. With FOVAC ® CKW, you can do away with the tedious task of brushing or sanding as a simple wipe is all that it takes to put the shine back on your copper and brass utensils, decorations and parts. Copper material are usually stained with oxides, oil, hand prints, dirt etc. FOVAC ® CKW cleans it away easily with a simple wipe or simply dipped copper items into solution of FOVAC ® CKW. Enquire Enquire
25 F59 Cement Softener / Cleaner InfoFOVAC® F59 Cement Softener is an effective acid based liquid mixture specifically designed to deal with hard cases of cement cargo deposits or dry cement stains. Its proven advantage is the provision of immediate penetration and complete dissolution of cement, the result being a thorough cleaning. FOVAC® F59 safely removes hardened concrete from a variety of difficult to clean surfaces. It break down the ionic bond in portland cement, releasing the cement from any surface to which it has adhered. Chemically speaking, FOVAC® F59 converts the positive ions in the hardened matrix into negative ions, which dissolves the cement into mud that can be rinsed away. Because it works chemically, rather than mechanically, FOVAC® F59 may be used to remove cured concrete, mortar, grout, and stucco from virtually any surface without harm. Enquire Enquire
26 F60 Gum / Glue Remover InfoFOVAC® F60 Glue Remover is a strong solvent formulated to dissolve and remove glue, gum, adhesives, ink, dye, paint and other forms of oil and grease. It Is fast evaporating, colorless, and stable making it very ideal for cleaning and removing the above mentioned. Enquire Enquire
27 F62 SKT Air-Cond Coil Cleaner InfoFOVAC® SKT COIL CLEANER is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner that is specially formulated for removal of dirt, dust and scale deposits from Air Conditioner’s Cooling Coil. Dirty deposits on cooling coil hinders the effective removal of heat from the system, thereby rendering the Air Condition Unit ineffective. FOVAC ® SKT acts fast on the dirt to quickly loosen them it and a light pressure water spray is all that is needed to flush it all away. FOVAC ® SKT is specially formulated from a mixture of cleaners and stabilizers to effectively to dislodge soils and oily grime from the cooling coils. This combination makes cleaning of stubborn soils an easier task. FOVAC ® SKT is easily applied using any spray applicator e.g. a manual plastic handspray or a manually pressurized spray. Enquire Enquire
28 F63 Liquid Hand Soap InfoFOVAC® F63 Liquid Hand Cleaner is a mixture of mild surfactants superbly formulated to remove oil and grease form hands. It is especially produced for people with slightly more sensitive skin. FOVAC ® F63 is very effective and is extensively used both in the commercial and industrial sectors. FOVAC ® F63 is found to be the top choice for technicians and engineers in the Aviation, workshops and the industrial sectors. Enquire Enquire
29 F64 SRR System Descaler InfoFOVAC® SRR System Descaler is designed for use as the ultimate cleaner for water cooling system to remove build-up scales, rust, bacteria growth and stuck-on grime. FOVAC ® SRR effectively cleans the system without attacking the base metals which are usually mild steel, brass, copper, stainless steel, alloys, PVC and other plastics as it incorporates a special inhibiting additive known as PROTEX™. Enquire Enquire
30 FT451 DAC Aircraft Windshield Cleaner InfoFOVAC® DAC Aircraft Windshield Cleaner is formulated from the highest quality ingredients to clean and rejuvenate the acrylic windshield of various types of aircraft. Aircraft windshields are expensive to replace and if cleaned with the wrong cleaners will deteriorate so badly that replacement will be mandatory. When washing aircraft, great caution should be taken in using a detergent that will NOT harm the windshield. FOVAC ® DAC is specifically design for the purpose of maintaining the finest quality aircraft windshields and transparencies and at the same time does away with haze, UV yellowing and other minor blemishes leaving a like-new luster. FOVAC ® DAC is non-abrasive and blended with anti-static compound eliminates static charge, which reduces dirt and grime build-up Enquire Enquire
31 F74 SLE Engine Flush Oil InfoFOVAC® SLE Flushing Oil has been developed to remove all undesirable and harmful deposits from the deterioration of lubricating oils. When oils like engine oils, compressor oils, heat transfer oil, hydraulic oils, circulation oil, gear oils starts to degenerate and oxidizes, the by-products are usually gum, sludge, carbon, water etc which creates hindrance to the efficiency of the lube oil. These by-products usually accumulate and “cake up” in the pipe lines, pumps, storage tanks and heat exchange plates thereby restricting efficient lubrication, cooling and heat transfer in the system. FOVAC ® SLE is added into the lube oil prior to the oil change and is drained out later thus removing all the accumulated contaminants. Enquire Enquire
32 F75 FDP Cleaning Oil For Spare Parts InfoFOVAC® FDP Spare Parts Cleaning Oil is multi-functional fluid. It cleans, penetrates and lubricates parts and equipment. FOVAC ® FDP also acts as a moisture displacer and corrosion inhibitor. It drives out moisture and dries wet connections, leaving a protective film that is non-conductive. FOVAC ® FDP is suitable for all kinds of automotive and industrial uses. It cleans oil, grease, dirt and grime, loosens rust and scale, and penetrates frozen parts. Enquire Enquire
33 F212 DCM Cleaning Solvent InfoFOVAC® DCM Cleaning Solvent has been specially developed as an indispensable cleaner for the maintenance, servicing and production people. FOVAC ® DCM is a high quality non-residue, non-flammable solvent cleaner that effectively removes oil, grease, plastic deposits, adhesives/glue, rubber deposits, carbon deposits, dirt, ink, grime and other soils from most any surface. Because of it’s many diversified uses, FOVAC ® DCMis specified for use in many industries including Automotive, Aviation, agriculture, Heavy machineries, Electronics, Electrical, Plastic injection, Production facilities, Marine and even in Institution like Hospitals and Hotels. Enquire Enquire
34 F235 CLA-P Powdered Drain Opener InfoFOVAC® CLA-P Powder Drain Opener is a highly concentrated compound that effectively unclogs drains, pipelines, grease traps and sanitary systems quickly. Used commonly in toilets, canteens or other public areas, FOVAC ® CLA-P saves the trouble of having to manually pump the drains or remove pipe, joints to clear blockages. FOVAC ® CLA-P contains a unique inhibitor to protect pipeline while cleaning the system. Enquire Enquire
35 F237 PSK Ultrasonic Cleaning Solvent InfoFOVAC® PSK Ultrasonic Cleaner is a non flammable solvent cleaner formulated to from a combination of cleaning solvents, highly active surfactants and emulsifiers for use with all Ultrasonic Cleaners and degreasing baths FOVAC ® PSK has good detergency and wetting, especially on hard surfaces and is excellent for removing and dissolving oil stains, fingerprints, tripoli, lubricants, ceramic dust, light buffing, lapping compounds carbon, grease, glue, gum, adhesives and other forms of oil and grease deposits. FOVAC ® PSK works great on any surface and will not etch the surface. Effective over a wide temperature range, it is colorless, and stable making it very ideal for cleaning and removing dirt. FOVAC ® PSK is safe on steel, titanium, brass, aluminium, copper, beryllium copper, stainless steel, glass, plastics, silicon wafers and ceramics when used as directed. Enquire Enquire
36 F241 FRC Fungus Remover InfoFOVAC® FRC Fungus Remover has a patented ingredient that reaches fungus, mold, algae and mildew at its source. While regular spray products just drip down the tiles, FOVAC ® FRC actually softens and penetrating deeper to remove fungus and algae growths. Fungus and Mildew grows deep in cracks. FOVAC ® FRC penetrates deep to get mildew at its roots. Use FOVAC ® FRC on grout, tile, tubs, sinks, counters, concrete, shower doors, vinyl curtains, glass, plastic, no-wax floors and windowsills. See label for usage instructions. Enquire Enquire
37 F242 KKP Aluminium Cleaner InfoFOVAC® KKP Aluminium Cleaner (Acidic) is a mild acid based cleaner designed to clean, degrease and deoxidize aluminium and its alloy. FOVAC ® KKP performs well in soak tanks as well as by means of sprayer. It is particularly effective in agitated soak systems for in-process cleaning of copper, brass and aluminum, as well as steel and cast iron. At the proper concentration, it can also be used on ferrous metals. Formulated as a cleaner for aluminium and its alloys, FOVAC ® KKP is suitable for heavy-duty use on sheets, extrusions, heat exchange coils, forgings, parts, utensils, rods and castings. FOVAC ® KKP will also remove stencilling inks, oils, carbon, greases and general shop soils without attack on the base metal. It may also be used to clean ferrous metals, stainless steels, copper, zinc and brass. Enquire Enquire
38 F243 PDZ Disinfectant InfoFOVAC® PDZ Disinfectant is a very effective formula for disinfecting and deodorizing many surfaces. Toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, clinics, sinks, bins, animal hygiene, children play room, hospitals, wet market and all other humid areas where germs lurks, including harmful bacteria are readily killed and destroyed using FOVAC ® PDZ to leave surface clean, safe and disinfected. leaving a fresh, pine aroma This product is effective against a wide range of gram positive and negative bacteria This product can be also be used for suspect surfaces, laundry, sickroom equipment, drains and toilets in schools offices and factories FOVAC ® PDZ, besides cleaning and disinfecting, also neutralizes and removes unpleasant odors to leave a pleasant perfumed scent. Enquire Enquire
39 F313 Safety Solvent for Electric Motor Cleaning InfoFOVAC® F313 Safety Solvent Cleaning Solution is a medium speed, high purity solvent cleaner used for cleaning and degreasing plastic parts, metal components, PCB, spare parts, piping, electric motors/parts, air lines, tanks and others. FOVAC ® F313 has been developed as an effective cleaner with no trace of residue after cleaning and is used extensively in laboratory, electronic firms, medical facilities, R & D institute, hospitals and other industries where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance. FOVAC ® F313 effectively removes oil, grease, dirt, dust, organic soils, carbon and other contaminants to leave the area 100% cleaned. Enquire Enquire
40 F313B Cleansolv 44(Non Flammable) InfoFOVAC® Cleansolv 44 has been specially developed as an indispensable cleaner for the maintenance, servicing and production people. FOVAC ® Cleansolv 44 is a high quality non-residue, non-flammable solvent cleaner that effectively remove oil, grease, carbon, dirt, ink, grime and other soils from most any surface. Because of it’s many diversified uses, FOVAC ® Cleansolv 44 is specified for use in many industries including Automotive, Aviation, Agriculture, Heavy machineries, Electronics, Electrical, Production facilities, Marine and even in institution like Hospitals and Hotels Enquire Enquire
41 F316 Solvent Cleaner (Slow Dry) InfoFOVAC® F 316 SOLVENT DEGREASER is a heavy duty solvent formulated for the purpose of removing oil sludge, cake-on grease, heavy carbon, tar, grime, wax, soil, adhesive etc. FOVAC ® F 316 is low in sulphur content, which makes it very safe for general cleaning of machine parts, electrical panels, workshop floors, oil tanks, wire ropes, engine, machinery, road tarring vehicles, etc. Enquire Enquire
42 F319 Paint Stripper InfoFOVAC® F 319 PAINT STRIPPER is an excellent product formulated to rid surface of paints, epoxy and other dry powder coatings. There are maintenance personnel that are still using low-tech ways of removing paints that include mechanical methods, such as hand scraping and power sanding, strip paint by physically breaking the paint bond. These methods can work only where the surface or other substrate is flat, but will encounter problems with curved profiles. Dry sanding also produces the polluting dust, which is a potential lead hazard. FOVAC ® F 319 will save hours of labor to do mechanical cleaning. It is fast, efficient, and capable of removing almost any paint. Its small molecular structure makes it able to penetrate the paint layers and break the bond with the substrate. Then, as the solvent attempts to escape, it pushes on the film in a “tenting” effect that blister the paint up and away from the surface so as to be remove easily. Enquire Enquire
43 F320 Deodorant Block InfoFOVAC® F320 Deodorant Block are made from high quality aromatic halogenated hydrocarbon and is formulated to destroy odors by releasing refreshing vapors from the block. Being water insoluble, they are not intended to be placed in the water flow. FOVAC ® F320 is air soluble and will dissipate to give a pleasant odor, which is enhanced by a fresh aroma. FOVAC ® F320 act as an insecticidal fumigant, another desirable feature over plain deodorants Enquire Enquire
44 F362 EFC Radiator Flush InfoFOVAC® EFC Radiator Flush is formulated from a blend of active cleaners and solubilizer designed to clear and subsequently flush out rust, scale and other organic grime from the internal system of a radiator or other water cooling systems. Rust and scales readily forms in a poorly maintained radiator that leads to overheating from partially or completely blocked water passage. FOVAC ® EFC is used in correct proportion to effectively dissolve and remove rust and scales formulation to leave the radiator working in its’ 100% efficiency. FOVAC ® EFC incorporates special metal inhibitors to protect metal parts while cleaning so as not to attack them like other conventional radiator cleaners do. This ensures that FOVAC ® EFC only acts on rust, water scales and other accumulated dirt to optimize the cooling system. Enquire Enquire
45 F366 JCC Citrus Degreaser InfoFOVAC® JCC Citrus Degreaser has truly revolutionizes the cleaning industry, one product cleans all and has been designed for a wide range of cleaning jobs. FOVAC ® JCC is developed from natural organic oil of orange peel that is not only is safe to use by engineers, technicians and mechanics but is also safe for the environment. It is with many concerns to the health and safety aspect that FOVAC formulated a safety cleaning solvent that can do an excellent degreasing job and to be safe to handle, clean and dispose at the same time. FOVAC ® JCC cuts through grease, oil, stains, chewing gum, sap, tar, adhesives, carbon and dirt like no other to give exceptionally fast and clean work piece every time. FOVAC ® JCC leaves a pleasant orange fragrance and is not chlorinated or fluorinated and therefore does not affect ozone layer. FOVAC ® JCC is used for cleaning and degreasing electrical motors, electronic parts, mechanical parts, floors, engine compartment and a host of other applications. Enquire Enquire
46 F367 FDC Diesel Fuel & Injector Cleaner InfoFOVAC® FDC Diesel Fuel & Injector Cleaner is designed with concentrated cleaning detergents that dissolves and removes harmful carbon, soot, gum and varnish deposits on fuel injectors. Without cleaning, deposits can lead to hard starts, lost acceleration and rough idling. Injectors become clogged with fuel residues (something similar to varnish) due to the evaporation of fuel in the injector nozzle when the engine has been stopped. Every time you stop a hot engine a small amount of residue adds to the already present build up. The more frequent the stops, the more rapidly the build up accumulates. This accumulation eventually reduces the flow of fuel through the injector and disrupts its spray pattern, causing the engine to run lean. This can manifest itself in a number of ways, although the most common is driveability problems such as high fuel consumption, flat spots and hesitations FOVAC ® FDC will clean and restore dirty injectors back to their original condition to provide fuel efficiency and power to engines. It is compatible with catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and all other new fuel system components. Enquire Enquire
47 F368 TJK Deodorizer / Disinfectant InfoFOVAC® TJK Deodorizer/Disinfectant is a special disinfectant, cleaner, germicide and deodorizer all in one by our formulated chemist to clean and disinfect all surfaces prone to germs and bacteria growth. FOVAC ® TJK will combat foul smell and germs/bacteria growth in hospitals, institutions, canteens, garbage dump and rubbish chutes, etc. After clearing rubbish away from any dumps they can also use FOVAC ® TJK to clean and deodorize the compound. FOVAC ® TJK contains powerful disinfectant to control germs and bacteria growths and fresheners to deodorize the area to leave a hygienic and pleasant odor around the area. FOVAC ® TJK is also very safe to use as it is non-toxic, non-flammable and safe to the environment. Enquire Enquire
48 F344 FDO Oil Spill Dispersant InfoFOVAC® FDO Oil Spill Dispersant is a very effective biodegradable, environment friendly, non toxic liquid oil spill dispersant approved by Ministero della Marina Mercantile (the Italian Ministry of the Merchant Navy) Natural dispersion of an oil slick occurs when waves and other turbulence at the sea surface cause all or part of the slick to break up into droplets and enter into the water column. The addition of FOVAC ® FDO is intended to accelerate this dispersion process. When a FOVAC ® FDO is sprayed onto an oil slick, the interfacial tension between the oil and water is reduced, promoting the formation of finely dispersed oil droplets. These droplets will be of varying sizes and will slowly sink down and disperse. A characteristic plume will spread slowly down from the water surface a few minutes after treatment. However, the effective distribution of surfactant throughout the oil is crucial to the success of the process. To achieve the required distribution, FOVAC ® FDO incorporates special solvent which allows it to penetrate into the slick and acts as a carrier for the surfactant to expedite the dispersion process. FOVAC ® FDO is used to combat oil spills on sea, coastal waters, ship decks, ports areas, inland waterways, piers and beaches. FOVAC ® FDO is also excellent for removing accumulation of oil on piles, jetties and wharf support structures. Enquire Enquire
49 F150 Plastic Cleaner InfoFOVAC® F 150 Plastic Cleaner is an exceptionally pure, colorless and clear solution which is free from any contaminations. Highly soluble in water, FOVAC ® F 150 is widely used in the industry for cleaning, degreasing, computers, plastic windscreen ,keyboards, television, DVD players, electrical equipment and many other plastic parts. Many other cleaning tends to attack plastic parts causing irreversible damage, FOVAC ® F 150 is safe for all types of plastic, rubber, glass, acrylic, vinyls and fabric. FOVAC ® F 150 is manufactured according to strict specifications to produce a highly concentrated blend that is free from any contaminating heavy metals or chlorinated compounds. Enquire Enquire
50 KAS Water Purifier InfoFOVAC® KAS Water Purifier is an effective primary coagulant based on trivalent aluminium and is virtually iron free. The product is used for the treatment of potable water as well as process water and sewage and industrial effluents. FOVAC ® KAS works by neutralising the negative charge on suspended and colloidal matter to produce compact flocs suitable for easy removal by either settlement or flotation processes and promotes more efficient sludge digestion and dewatering. FOVAC ® KAS is supplied as a solid as 47-57% by weight in the form of slabs kibbled or powder grades. Enquire Enquire
51 KKS Silica Gel InfoFOVAC® KKS Silica gel is a grainy porous transparent substance with a good surface area for adsorption of water and organic/gaseous molecules. Adsorbs 25–40% moisture by weight. FOVAC ® KKS has a high adsorption capacity and can be regenerated. In addition to humidity control, silica gel has the ability to adsorb polar gases which extends its application areas. FOVAC ® KKS silica gel is available in bulk or sachets. FOVAC ® KKS comes as WHITE (Non indicating) & BLUE (Indicating) Type. In activated state, it is blue in color and turns pink as it starts absorbing moisture. The intense blue color is a indicator of its complete activation. Non-indicating is white in color and does not contain any indicator, Hence it does not change in its characters after adsorption of moisture & after activation. However, both indicating and non-indicating material do not differ in its absorption capacity, when material is supplied in fully activated state. FOVAC ® KKS is the desiccant of choice for a wide range of industries including industrial gas and air drying, aerospace, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and military. FOVAC ® KKS conforms to the requirements of British Standard BS 2540, German DIN standard DIN 55473 and US Military Specification MIL-D-3464E. Enquire Enquire
52 F5884 NUC Turbo gas turbine compressor cleaner InfoFOVAC® NUC Turbo Wash is a superior quality water-based gas turbine compressor cleaner designed for both ON LINE and OFF LINE wet cleaning applications. FOVAC ® NUC provides excellent cleaning efficiency similar to that attainable with most solvent-based products. However, unlike solvent-based cleaners, FOVAC ® NUC is classified as “easily biodegradable” and “easily bioeliminable” according to OECD-302B guidelines. FOVAC ® NUC is formulated from a combination of non-ionic surfactants and emulsifiers specially designed to remove deposits and fouling commonly found in gas turbine compressors. The ash-free ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure that no incremental contamination of the gas turbine hot section can occur. FOVAC ® NUC meets the most stringent specification requirements of major gas turbine manufacturers. It is used successfully in many plant locations around the world, on all types of engines up to 250 MW in output. Enquire Enquire
53 FWC67 SWC RAIN REPELLENT InfoFOVAC® SWC RAIN REPELLENT is a special blend of polymer-based chemical that is designed to dramatically improve all around visibility, safety and driving comfort for all weather conditions. FOVAC ® SWC penetrates and seals the microscopic pores of glass with a super slick invisible shield that disperses and beads rain water on contact, subtly reduces the adhesion and built up of dirt as well. Rain water quickly forms into beads on the windscreen that disperse using the aerodynamics of the car, and not just the wipers. The improved visibility is outstanding and one application lasts for more than 10,000 km. It can even withstand car washes! FOVAC ® SWC is widely used for private vehicles, commercial fleets, aircrafts, military armored carriers, marine boats and even for homes with glass windows. Enquire Enquire
54 FTC450 VCP Truck and Trailer Wash InfoFOVAC® VCP Truck and Trailer Wash is specially designed to clean all vehicles and this shampoo features a concentrated blend of heavy-duty surfactants formulated to deliver a fine, rich foam for effective cleaning. Developed for use in manually, machine washers and foam brushes, it rinses away easily in warm or cold, hard or soft water. In addition to cleaning, it also provides maximum lubricity to extend the working life of foam brushes and equipment. FOVAC ® VCP removes dirt and grime, but not the wax. It’s non-spotting formula contains no harsh detergents, solvents, or sodium. It also produces high foam which lasts the entire wash. Enquire Enquire
55 FTC889 TWC External Wall Cleaner InfoFOVAC® TWC External Wall Cleaner is a specially formulated gel-type heavy duty acidic cleaner that is designed to clean the external wall of buildings. FOVAC ® TWC is an acid detergent with a high disincrusting properties will clean away grime, fungus, dirt, rain stains and also intended to extract and dissolve the fouling up caused by pollution on all non calcareous types of stones, tiles or concrete. It’s lightly gelatinous consistence gives this product a good adherence on vertical surfaces. It is a combination of strong but fast acting acids. FOVAC ® TWC is a combination of acids and surfactants that provides hard surface etching and cleaning, dissolving water insoluble salts including CaCO3, soap scum residues, efflorescence and other insolubles to leave the building walls looking brand new. Enquire Enquire