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Ferrovic Corporation

We are proud to represent FOVAC range of high quality lubricants and chemicals in this region. FOVAC SUPERIOR IND., INC. is a worldwide manufacturer of lubricants (automotive and industrial), maintenance products, metalworking fluids, aerosols and cleaning chemicals.

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Our research and development is first class, and our experience extends over 60 years.

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Lubricants oil manufacturer / supplier Malaysia

Lubricants, also known as lubes, are substances used to reduce friction (increase lubricity) and heat generated between two surfaces. They can also facilitate the transportation of particles, and heating and cooling forces. In addition, they can be used as a conductive agent to increase the flow of a current.

Lubricants are an essential part of the proper function and maintenance of machines and components with two or more moving parts that rub together. Some of the industries in which lubricants are used include: automotive, aerospace, marine, metal fabrication and food and beverage.

Fovac Lubricants has both mineral and synthetic base oil that are engineered to provide the highest performance and protection to machinaries, equipment and engines. Special functions additives are incorporated to exceed the most challenging demand of today’s high performance machineries.

Automotive engine oil manufacturer / supplier Malaysia

Automotive lubricants are oil and industrial grease-based, but also can have synthetic properties. They are chemically similar to heating oil. They are used in a car’s transmission, engine, and on seals gears and chassis points. When they work with gears, they are known as gear oils.

Engine lubricants are made for the automotive industry. They are commonly referred to as either engine oils or motor oils. They can be either organic, meaning petroleum-based, or synthetic, meaning based on chemical compounds.

FOVAC establish its specialty Lubricants to provide long durability, wear protection, high speed and extreme temperature capability for the demanding modern machinaries, engine oil and gas applications as well as marine and ground military equipment.

Anti corrosion manufacturer / supplier Malaysia

When metallic materials are put into corrosive environments, they tend to have chemical reactions with the air and/or water. The effects of corrosion become evident on the surfaces of these materials.

FOVAC’s specially formulated anti-corrosion products help you to resolve your corrosion problems by incorporating the latest tecnology in its range of anti rust, rust converters, rust removers and others.

Anti seize manufacturer / supplier Malaysia

Machines and metal seize always been a nightmare for technician during repair. Wise said prevention is always better then cure.

FOVAC® Anti-Seize Compound is an extreme high temperature rated thread/joint compound designed to prevent seizing and corrosion in hostile environment. Problems associated with bolts, screws, nuts boiler manhole cover studs and other assembly joints can easily be solved with a pre application of FOVAC® Anti-Seize Compound.

Grease manufacturer / supplier Malaysia

Grease lubricants, or lubricant greases, are lubricants composed of oil or oils thickened with a soap or another thickener until a semisolid or solid consistency is formed.

FOVAC makes use of the latest technologies available and over many years of experience to offer Premium Quality Products that gives significant protection, enhancement and improvement to your machines and equipments.

De-greaser manufacturer / supplier Malaysia

De-greaser is a very handy product when comes to construction and manufacturing industry, stubborn stain and gease and everywhere and hard to clean. De-greaser is a product that dissolves water-insoluble substances (such as greases and oils) from hard surfaces such as floor, machines, tools.

The FOVAC brand has long stood for performance and value and has oil and grease removing products, oil dispersants, degreasing solvents, concrete cleaners and heavy duty detergents for use in industrial and commercial environments including engineering workshops, oil rigs, water storage tanks, food processing plants, commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, automotives and more.