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Hydraulic Oil Anti-Seize Compound FOVAC® Anti-Seize Compound is an extreme high temperature rated thread/joint compound designed to prevent seizing and corrosion in hostile… Read More


Hydraulic Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Synthetic Lubricants Additives FOVAC range of Oil Additives is engineered to improve performance of lubricating ability and service life… Read More

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Who we are?

FERROVIC CORPORATION (M) SDN BHD is represent FOVAC range of high quality lubricants and chemicals in this region. FOVAC SUPERIOR IND., INC. is a worldwide manufacturer of lubricants (automotive and industrial), maintenance products, metalworking fluids, aerosols and cleaning chemicals.

What we do?

FOVAC has the extensive global exposure to understand the various industries’ need and by utilizing the latest in technological know-how, manufactures high quality maintenance products to meet the ever-increasing high performance, high precision, close tolerance machines and equipment.

Fovac History

Fovac Lubricants are one of the world leaders in lubricants technology. Our research and development is first class, and our experience extends over 60 years. We have five, full-time international research centres involved in the development of advanced lubricants technologies and specifications.

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