FOVAC range of Oil Additives is engineered to improve performance of lubricating ability and service life of oils and greases.

It will reduce friction, stabilise viscosity of oil, better protection, reduce oxidation, greatly reduce wear and tear. Additives are available for engine oil, gear oil , hydraulic oil etc.

1 F70A KCA Fuel Oil / Diesel Additive InfoFOVAC® KCA Diesel/Fuel Oil Additive is a combustion catalyst to be added to various fuel oil ranging from diesel fuel to heavy fuel oil to further improve combustion as well as to maintain a clean, smoke-free system. FOVAC ® KCA works by a catalytic reaction which changes the molecular structure of the hydrocarbon molecules in the fuel to enable the fuel to have a complete combustion. Most engines, turbines, boiler burners etc are plagued with problems below

  • black smoke caused by incomplete combustion
  • clogged injectors due to ‘dirty’ fuel
  • Inefficient, under power engine or burner
  • corrosion on internal piping
  • Sludge and gummy residue buildup in storage tanks
  • Heavily carbonize exhaust system

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2 F70H Hydraulic Oil Additive InfoFOVAC® MST Hydraulic Additive is specially formulated to improve the performance of hydraulic oil and at the same time extends it’s service life. The usual problems associated with hydraulic oil include leaking, rapid oxidation and frequent seal change. FOVAC ® MST is added into the hydraulic system and when used in the correct ratio, will help reduce the above problems by way of incorporating special additive to address the various problems Enquire Enquire
3 F70I GTA Gear Oil Additive InfoFOVAC® Gear Oil EP Additive is designed for industrial and automotive applications. FOVAC ® GTA is compatible with synthetic and conventional lubricants of all weights. When added to lubricants, it will improve it’s ability to resist heat, reduce friction and mechanical stress and also will prevent leaks, wear, and heat buildup. It cleans metal housings, gears, and bearings of varnish and other residues, holding them in suspension until the oil is changed. FOVAC ® GTA increases load ratings by increasing the strength of the oil by as much as eight times. FOVAC ® GTA greatly extends the life of gears and bearings, while reducing costly maintenance and down-time. FOVAC ® GTA does not affect the viscosity of the lubricant to which it is added. Neither will it settle out or cause harmful deposits that could clog filters and restrict oil flow. FOVAC ® GTA works at all operating temperatures and will not separate, even when heated to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. FOVAC ® GTA anti-foaming agents protect even high-rpm operations. For most gear reduction units, differentials, transmissions, bearings, and industrial drive units, an application of 1 part FOVAC ® GTA to 65 parts gear lube is adequate for maximum results. FOVAC ® GTA can be added to existing lubricants without the cost of changing out the lubricant already there. This reduces costly down-time. FOVAC ® GTA actually extends the life of the oil by reducing heat and its cause, friction. Particulate contaminates are greatly reduced, and the time between oil changes is extended. The cost of using FOVAC ® GTA is more than offset by the savings and will reduce gear noise and whine and add significant life to any manual transmission, differential, transfer case, gear drive and steering gear regardless of its condition or age. Enquire Enquire
5 FAD70 PKX Anti Freeze Additive InfoFOVAC® PKX Chiller Coolant Additive is a colorless, odorless, hygroscopic additive that is completely soluble in water. FOVAC ® PKX is usually added to cooling circulating water to improve heat transfer, prevents corrosion and reduce freezing point of the medium. It also provides for better lubricity of mechanism in the system as well as being a better heat transfer medium. Depending on the mixing ratio, freezing point can be brought down to -45°C. Enquire Enquire
6 FAD490 SSE Engine Oil Additive InfoFOVAC® SSE ENGINE OIL ADDITIVE is a anti-friction metal conditioner which is of high-tech formulation that contains no suspended solids such as Teflon (P.T.F.E.), Graphite, or Molybdenum Disulphide.  Unlike other oil treatments, FOVAC ® SSE does not contain films or coatings that can plug filters or cause buildup on internal moving parts.  Rather, it treats metal by creating a metal-conditioning system that repels metal friction to provide a slippery surface for moving parts.

  • Eliminates harmful cold starts.
  • Reduces wear on metal parts.
  • Reduces engine heat by reducing friction and increasing heat transfer
  • Increases thermal and oxidative stability of the oil which eliminates corrosion, varnish and sludge formation.
  • Increases overall performance.
  • Increases fuel economy by improved glide.
  • Blends with petroleum or synthetic oils
  • Conditions metallic surfaces to repel each other and reduces friction
  • Increases oil life.
  • Increases engine power.
  • Does not contain any potentially harmful “chemical enhancers and/or metal treatments” such as chlorinated hydrocarbons which turn into acids & attack metal parts, or any solid lubricants such as teflon, graphite or molybdenum disulfide which clog filtration systems.

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8 FAX488 GTO Petrol Additive InfoFOVAC® GTO Petrol Additive a concentrated racing formula octane booster and fuel line cleaner designed for all types of road, racing, performance and off-road vehicles. Suitable for use in fuel injected, carbureted, throttle body and rotary engines, FOVAC ® GTO readily mixes with all types of petrol as well as alcohol and nitro mixtures. FOVAC ® GTO will suppress detonation and pre-ignition by modifying the burn rate and increasing the auto-ignition temperature of the air/fuel mixture. It eliminates “pinging”, “dieseling” and “knocking” commonly associated with poor quality gasoline. FOVAC ® GTO will treat petrol to enhance it’s properties and contains special cleaning additives that will clean fuel lines and injectors to optimize combustion for a reduction of fuel consumption. It allows for a higher compression ratios and therefore increases horsepower in high-compression engines. Safe for fuel cells, liners, gaskets, o-rings, catalytic converters and oxygen sensors. Enquire Enquire
9 FPL22 XFO Pour Point Depressant InfoFOVAC® XFO Pour Point Depressant is a potent pour point depressant formulated from a polymethacrylate base and coupled with special additives which is designed to give maximum pour point depression for a wide range of base oils and petroleum fluids. Many performance lubricants and fuel additives fail at low temperatures due to their naturally high pour points, with the inclusion of FOVAC ® XFO, the lubricants will continue to function well below its normal temperature ratings. FOVAC ® XFO is used in automotive lubricants, fuel oil, additives and industrial lubricants. Enquire Enquire