Lubricants Oil

Fovac Lubricants has both mineral and synthetic base oil that are engineered to provide the highest performance and protection to machinaries, equipment and engines. Special functions additives are incorporated to exceed the most challenging demand of today’s high performance machineries.

FOVAC establish its specialty Lubricants to provide long durability, wear protection, high speed and extreme temperature capability for the demanding modern machinaries, oil and gas applications as well as marine and ground military equipment.

1 F74 SLC Flushing Oil InfoFOVAC® SLC Flushing Oil has been developed to remove all undesirable and harmful deposits from the deterioration of lubricating oils. When oils like engine oils, compressor oils, heat transfer oil, hydraulic oils, circulation oil, gear oils starts to degenerate and oxidizes, the by-products are usually gum, sludge, carbon, water etc which creates hindrance to the efficiency of the lube oil. These by-products usually accumulate and “cake up” in the pipe lines, pumps, storage tanks and heat exchange plates thereby restricting efficient lubrication, cooling and heat transfer in the system. FOVAC ® SLC is added into the lube oil prior to the oil change and is drained out later thus removing all the accumulated contaminants. Enquire Enquire
2 F76A DFM Vacuum Pump Oil InfoFOVAC® DFM Vacuum Pump Oil is specially formulated for diffusion pumps, oil booster pumps, turbo pumps and vacuum pumps to perform to its highest efficiency. FOVAC ® DFM is formulated from specially hydro-treated mineral oil and selected additives to eliminate wear and tear and at the same time provide the required vacuum demanded of high efficiency pumps. Enquire Enquire
3 F76S DFE Synthetic Vacuum Pump Oil InfoFOVAC® DFE Synthetic Vacuum Pump Oil 32 is synthetic type of vacuum pump oil that is specially formulated from synthetic PAO base oil to give exceptional performance to diffusion pumps, oil booster pumps, turbo pumps and vacuum pumps to perform to its highest efficiency. FOVAC ® DFE is a higher specification oil compared to our FOVAC ® DFE chosen for its longer operating hours, cleaner operations, better oxidation resistance and higher temperature resistance. It also contains the same additives to eliminate wear and tear and at the same time provide the required vacuum demanded of high efficiency pumps. Enquire Enquire
4 F77 DSS Diffusion Pump Fluid InfoFOVAC® DSS Diffusion Pump Fluid is a colorless to straw-colored, synthetic silicone oil base single component fluid designed for ultrahigh vacuum applications in the range of 10-9 to 10-10 torr (untrapped) and 10-11 torr (trapped). The vapor pressure and backstreaming rate of FOVAC ® DSS are so low that use of traps or refrigeration is unnecessary for some ultrahigh and ultraclean vacuum applications. It has the highest phenyl content of all silicone diffusion pump fluids and the best resistance to radiation. High spontaneous ignition temperature makes this fluid ideal for use in humanrated space simulation chambers. Enquire Enquire
5 F78A MHL Hydraulic Oil (200 Liters Drum Only) InfoFOVAC® MHL Hydraulic Oil AW is an improved formulation designed to stay ahead of the demanding need of modern hydraulic systems. FOVAC ® MHL is fortified with our patented Metalinz Anti Wear Additive and other selected additive to provide higher performance for heavy duty and wide temperatures hydraulic operations. FOVAC ® MHL will give excellent pressures stability and with special additives, serves to reduce friction on hydraulic pumps and other moving parts. FOVAC ®</sub > MHL is recommended for piston, gear and vane pumps hydraulic systems in the industrial, marine, woodland, mining, construction and other mobile equipment. Enquire Enquire
6 F78XFI XFI Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oil InfoFOVAC® XFI Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid is water-glycol based fluid that has been developed to meet the increasing needs off today’s critical hydraulic system. FOVAC ® XFI’s special blend of glycol, additives, rust inhibitors and water provides an excellent hydraulic system medium in areas for fire resistance and extreme temperature such as in die casting machines, furnace, glass manufacturing, combustion regulators etc. and at the same time providing good protection. FOVAC ® XFI is classified under the HF-C category of the ISO classification for Fire Retardant Fluids. FOVAC ® XFI is also approved and listed Factory Mutual Research as a ‘’Group I Less Flammable Hydraulic Fluid” Enquire Enquire
7 F82 VCO Multi-Purpose Lubricating Oil InfoFOVAC® VCO Lubricating Oil is a blend of high quality / high viscosity index oil used primarily in a circulating system and in other areas that demand a high quality lubricating oil. Oil lubrication is generally used when high speeds or operating temperatures are beyond the effective range of greases, or when it is so designed that heat developed in the bearing must be transferred away through a lubricating oil circulation system. Viscosity and type of the lubricating oil is the main factor to be considered to suit the diverse applications with respect to speed, temperature, and loading conditions. FOVAC ® VCO is specially treated to give high lubricating performance even at elevated temperature to provide good protection and lubrication to bearings, gears, sideways shafts, linkages etc. FOVAC ® VCO prevents metallic contact between the rolling elements, raceways, and cage, and also to prevent thrust and journal bearing from corrosion and wear. Additional functions are sealing and cooling of the bearing. Enquire Enquire
8 F83 Penetrating and Cleaning Oil InfoFOVAC® F83 Penetrating and Cleaning Oil is multi-functional fluid. It cleans, penetrates and lubricates parts and equipment. FOVAC ® F83 also acts as a moisture displacer and corrosion inhibitor. It drives out moisture and dries wet connections, leaving a protective film that is non-conductive. FOVAC ® F83 is suitable for all kinds of electrical and industrial uses. It cleans dirt and grime, loosens rust and scale, and penetrates frozen parts. Enquire Enquire
9 F93A CRM Airline Oil InfoFOVAC® CRM Airline Oil is a high quality airline oil that has been developed to meets the highest demand of modern day pneumatic tools and equipment. FOVAC ® CRM is blended with our patented Roxton™ additive to improve load carrying and to provide better wear and corrosion protection. It also contains an anti-mist additive to prevent oil mist accumulating in the operating area. FOVAC ® CRM is used extensively in the electronics assembly lines, precision machining, automotive industries for their light duty rotary air tools and in the construction, mine and quarry industries where these conditions require a heavy duty lubricant to handle the severe load. FOVAC ® CRM is also used as a lubricant for pneumatic rock drills, etc. Enquire Enquire
10 F95 FSP Synthetic High Temperature Chain Lube InfoFOVAC® FSP Synthetic Chain Lubricant is an extremely high heat resistant lube used on chains in metal decorating ovens, can and fiber carton ovens, tobacco and plywood ovens, extrusion paint lines, baking and drying ovens. It is also used for slow moving, high load bearings operating in high temperature areas. FOVAC ® FSP lubricates effectively at temperatures up to 415°C and with a synthetic base, it hardly leaves any carbon residue on the chain unlike other chain oils. Modern day chains and conveyors are very expensive, conventional chain oil does not lubricate and protect effectively and result in costly replacement and downtime. FOVAC ® FSP not only lubricate and protect efficiently, but is also very cost effective as it does not dry up easily and relubrication can be extended. Enquire Enquire
11 F95A MOL Hitemp Chain Lubricant InfoFOVAC® MOL Chain Lubricant is a high quality formulation designed for lubricating chains and other sliding surfaces. FOVAC ® MOL works well when used to lubricate and protect chains, bearings, cables, wire ropes, open gears etc. Its deep penetrating action ensures that it lubricates the pin and bushes of chains and the internal parts of wire ropes as well. FOVAC ® MOL is derived from our newly developed hydro-treated oil and incorporates our patented wear-resistant additive KEVTON™ to further protect the components as it lubricates. FOVAC ® MOL resists throw-off, dripping, water washout and remains effective from -30ºC to +280ºC. Enquire Enquire
12 F96 DPS Silicone Oil InfoFOVAC® DPS Silicone Fluid is a blend of water-clear performance based dimethyl siloxane polymers that has a multitude applications and uses. FOVAC® DPS comes in various viscosities ranging from 10cSt to 300,000cSt for different specific requirements. FOVAC® DPS has many special properties and applications Enquire Enquire
13 F101 GOSSYN Synthetic Engine Oil InfoFOVAC® GOSSYN Synthetic Engine Oil or FOVAC’s premier lubricant engineered for dependable protection and critical performance. This high tech synthetic lubricants based on Ester/polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base stocks and advanced additive technology (to reduce internal friction and help enhance horsepower output) are formulated to exceed the most challenging demands of today’s high performance, high RPM, close tolerance engines, whether normally aspirated or turbo-charged. Enquire Enquire
14 F101A GAZSPEED Formula Motor Oil InfoFOVAC®Gazspeed Engine Oil series meets the specifications of API SF/CC to SN/CF and is formulated for all screen use in high performance gasoline and diesel engines under severe and high temperatures. FOVAC ® Gazspeed incorporates special fiction modifiers to further reduce engine drag, to improve fuel economy, increase power and at the same time providing all round engine protection. Enquire Enquire
15 F102 SSA Synthetic Compressor Oil InfoFOVAC® SSA Synthetic Compressor Oil is synthetic lubricant designed for use in all types of air compressors (reciprocating, rotary vane, lobe, centrifugal or screw) and further compounded with our special additives to satisfy the requirement of high efficiency air compressor. FOVAC ® SSA has excellent performance that will lubricate, protect and provide as a coolant to keep compressors running in good order. FOVAC ® SSA has special patented EP and anti-corrosion additives that delivers performance that exceeds that of many industrial grade lubricants with no compromise in cooling and lubrication. Enquire Enquire
16 F102A MSA Compressor Oil (Mineral Grade) InfoFOVAC® MSA Compressor Oil is developed from specially hydro-treated base oil and compounded with our special additives to satisfy the requirement of high efficiency compressor. FOVAC ® MSA contains special that will effectively prevents wear, oxidation, foam and rust and has inherent lubricity and good thermal conductivity which allow it to reduce heat and energy consumption. FOVAC ® MSA increases operating efficiency, reducing money spent on energy, repair and maintenance costs. FOVAC ® MSA maintains performance across a wide operating temperature range. Its low pour point, high viscosity index makes it an excellent all season lubricant. At cold temperatures, equipment starts easier and the lubricant is quickly pumped to critical components, preventing lubricant starvation and excessive wear. Enquire Enquire
17 F102F FAG Synthetic Polyglycol Compressor Coolant InfoFOVAC® FAG Synthetic Compressor Coolant is blended from polyglycol, pentaerythritol ester, and specially selected inhibitors to give uncompromised performance to air compressors and vacuum pumps. FOVAC ® FAG is highly resistant to varnish and sludge formation giving excellent performance across a wide operating temperature range. Its low pour point, high viscosity index and lack of paraffins (wax) makes it an excellent all season lubricant. At high temperatures, FOVAC ® FAG forms virtually no carbon, allowing for clean operation. At cold temperatures, equipment starts easier and the lubricant is quickly pumped to critical components, preventing lubricant starvation and excessive wear. FOVAC ® FAG also resists water to prevent damaging oil/water emulsions, allowing for longer lubricant life and ease of water removal from the sump. FOVAC ® FAG is designed to operate continuously in rotary screw compressors for more than 8,000 hours without fluid change or fluid-related maintenance, a significant improvement over the 1,000- hour life typical of the best hydrocarbon fluids, thus eliminating frequent oil changes Enquire Enquire
18 F104 SGR Synthetic Gear Box Lube InfoFOVAC® SGR Synthetic Gear Oil is formulated from synthesized polyalphaolefins (PAO) and incorporates numerous patented additives to further improve the oil. Friction wear and tear including pitting is synonymous with problems associated with gears. FOVAC ® SGR keeps these problems at bay as it contains a surface treatment additive known as Sorbon TM. FOVAC ® SGR is used extensively in the industry in all types of gears including spiral, bevel, worm and hypoid etc Enquire Enquire
19 F104A MEG Heavy Duty Gear Oil InfoFOVAC® MEG Heavy Duty Gear Oil 320 is formulated from refined hydrotreated base oil and incorporates numerous patented additives to further improve the oil. FOVAC ® MEG is primarily intended for continuous lubrication system for gears and bearings. Friction wear and tear including pitting is synonymous with problems associated with gears and bearings. FOVAC ® MEG keeps these problems at bay as it contains a surface treatment additive known as SORBON™ that will lubricate and protect the gears to keep them from failing. FOVAC ® MEG is used extensively in the industry in all types of gear boxes including spiral, bevel, worm, reduction gears and hypoid, etc and other circulating systems. Enquire Enquire
20 F105 TXS Textile Oil InfoFOVAC® TXS Textile Oil is specially formulated to meet the critical needs of knitting industry as well as general textile machinery. It contains rust and oxidation inhibitors and antistatic and anti-misting additives. FOVAC ® TXS is recommended for industrial knitting machines in every type of operation including Circular knitting machines, flat knitting machines, hosiery machines, full-fashioned and tricot machines and General textile machines. Prevents build up of deposits where sized yarn is employed and scourability additives which enable the oil to be readily removed by normal scouring solutions. Protects fabrics from staining and, being readily scourable , does not interfere with dyeing processes. Protects against wear, rust, mist under humid conditions. Enquire Enquire
21 F106 MHF Food Grade Oil (Meets and Exceeds USDA and FDA) InfoFOVAC® MHF Food Grade Oil is a high quality multi function oil designed for lubricating, damping, release coating, gear boxes, heat transfer, airline system, hydraulic application where a clean, food grade oil is desired. Modern machines demand a lubricant that is clean, speed resistant, non-staining, food grade and these features can be found in FOVAC ® MHF. FOVAC ® MHF many features below makes it the ultimate lubricant that engineers demand when selecting such oil. FOVAC ® MHF is also used as a high quality medium in hydraulic systems.

Meets or exceeds these standards U.S. FDA regulation CFR 21 178.3570 and CFR S 178.3620(a) USDA H1 Lubricant Star K as Kosher and Pareve.

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22 F107 KOF Brake Oil (DOT 3, 4 and 5) InfoFOVAC® KOF Brake Fluid is a high temperature glycol based brake fluid designed for use in conventional hydraulic brakes, clutch systems and ABS brake systems. FOVAC ® KOF can take the punishment of the race circuit as well as stop-and- go commuter traffic to outperform any other brake fluid on the market today. FOVAC ® KOF is designed with a wet boiling point of 421°F and dry boiling point of 610°F. These specifications are well above those in the Department of Transportation specifications for DOT 3 and 4. Wet boiling point is the boiling point with a specified amount of absorbed moisture and dry boiling point is after the initial moisture boil-off. Further, the low vapor rate of FOVAC ® KOF reduces the possibility of vapor lock in the braking system. Enquire Enquire
23 F108 TSL Synthetic Heat Transfer Oil InfoFOVAC® TSL Synthetic Heat Transfer Oil 55 is a high quality, thermally stable inhibited oil formulated from the high viscosity index polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and is recommended for use in closed liquid-phase heat transfer systems equipped with expansion tanks and pressure relief valves where the maximum bulk oil temperature does not exceed 400°C. It is also recommended for use in open heat transfer systems equipped with cold oil sealed expansion tanks where the maximum oil temperature does not exceed 290°C. Enquire Enquire
24 F108A TML Heat Transfer Oil InfoFOVAC® TML Heat Transfer Oil is a high flash and high fire point fluid that has been formulated from specially refined paraffinic based oil and further compounded with our special Tufon™ additive to withstand an even higher thermal cracking. It is formulated to resist high temperature breakdown and sludge formation. When other transfer oil starts to crack down and disintegrate, FOVAC ® TML continues to function efficiently transferring heat throughout the system. Enquire Enquire
25 F113 SHD Diesel Engine Oil InfoFOVAC® SHD Engine Oil is a high-performance, mixed-fleet, shear-stable automotive diesel engine oil with mono and multi-grade designed especially for severe duty diesel engine (naturally aspirated or turbocharged). FOVAC ® SHD is enhanced with oxidation and anti-corrosion inhibitors plus our patented Xion TM additive to further improve the performance and lifespan of the lubricating oil and can be used whenever API CJ-4, CC, CD, CI-4/SF, CH-4,CG- 4, CF-4/SL, CF-2, CF, CE, SJ or SL oils are called for. FOVAC ® SHD surpasses the European ACEA and North American SAE oil specifications for high temperature/high shear (HTHS) viscosity. It is significantly more shear stable than conventional motor oils, retaining its viscosity at temperatures and loads that break down conventional oils. FOVAC ® SHD maintains an extremely protective viscosity of greater than 3.7 cP at 302°F (150°C) in the ASTM D-4683 High Temperature/High Shear Test, exceeding the test limits. Enquire Enquire
26 F114 FML Food Grade Heat Transfer Oil InfoFOVAC® FML Heat Transfer Fluid is food grade, inhibited propylene-glycol based heat transfer fluid and is further compounded with our special Tufon™ additive to withstand an even higher thermal cracking. When other transfer fluid starts to crack down and disintegrate, FOVAC ® FML continue to function efficiently transferring heat throughout the system. FOVAC ® FML is also package with special food safe inhibitors to prevent rust and corrosion within the system, which is of particular importance where contact with food and beverages is inherent.

Meets or exceeds these specifications FDA Regulation CFR 21 178.3570 USDA H1 Authorized

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27 F123 GTM Turbine Oil InfoFOVAC® GTM Turbine Oil 46 is a rust and oxidation inhibited oil designed for use in applications requiring a good quality inhibited oil. FOVAC ® GTM is recommended for use in hydraulic systems, turbo chargers, steam and hydraulic turbines, circulating lubrication systems, industrial high speed gear sets, light duty steam turbines, bearings lubrication, air compressors and a wide variety of other industrial lubrication applications. FOVAC ® GTM is made from hydro-treated lubricating oil base manufactured from selected quality stock. Special inhibitors are added to improve resistance to high temperature, oxidation and to protect metal surfaces against rust and corrosion under severe operating conditions. Enquire Enquire
28 F128 OZF Automatic Transmission Fluid (DII and DIII) InfoFOVAC® OZF ATF a premium quality synthetic automatic transmission fluid that incorporates numerous additive to give outstanding performance, withstand higher operating temperatures and lasts up to 3 times to that of conventional ATF. FOVAC ® OZF is used for all Automotive, Truck, Bus, Industrial and Agricultural applications in Automatic and Semi-automatic Transmissions and in Hydraulic and Power Steering systems where the use of Petroleum or Synthetic ATF is recommended. FOVAC ® OZF is made to lubricate, cools, transfer pressure efficiently throughout the system. Special formulation enables it to be exceptionally friction stable to give a smooth but firm “shift-feel” in automatic gearboxes and excellent transmission of power in power steering system unequalled by any other ATF. Enquire Enquire
29 F129 LTQ Transformer Oil InfoFOVAC® LTQ Transformer Oil is formulated from a high quality blend to ensure supreme and long lasting performance. FOVAC ® LTQ has excellent electrical insulating qualities and is widely used for transformers (from small portable units to those in huge power plants), switchgears, circuit breakers, x-ray equipment and many other oil filled electrical equipment. FOVAC ® LTQ is made from un-inhibited oil and does not contain any chlorinated solvents.

Meets or exceeds these specifications FDA Regulation CFR 21 178.3570 Meets or exceeds these specifications ANSI/ ASTM D3487 NEMA TR-P8- 1975 NEMA TYPE II IEC 296 Class 1 SEV 3163 Class 1 Om-16 VV-1- 530A Class 1 BS 148 (1962)

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30 F147 KCQ Hot Quenching Oil InfoFOVAC® KCQ Hot Quenching Oil is a premium dual purpose quenching oil that was developed to meet the toughest industrial requirement for long term thermal stability and exceptional oxidation resistance. FOVAC ® KCQ is a specially formulated quenching fluid with a high initial cool rate to induce maximum metal hardness and eliminate metal stresses and distortion. The performance benefits of this fluid include minimal oil carry-off, excellent thermal stability and deeper, more uniform metal hardening. This oil is highly heat resistant, requires no additive replacement and retains its original viscosity indefinitely in normal service. FOVAC ® KCQ is recommended for use when deep and uniform hardening is required in steels with small grain size, a wide variation in grain size, lean alloy content and variable hardening abilities. The oil is also recommended for parts having variable sections or odd shapes. FOVAC ® KCQ is based on carefully selected and highly refined paraffinic base oil and enhanced with special oxidation and thermal stabilizers. FOVAC ® KCQ is clean and light colored and this is of paramount importance to assuring clean and bright parts after heat treatment. Enquire Enquire
31 F167 KEX Cutting / Machining Oil InfoFOVAC® KEX Cutting Oil is a light colored heavy duty cutting and machining oil with high lubricity, extreme pressure additives and excellent polar characteristics. FOVAC ® KEX is formulated from high quality, severely hydro- treated oil and added with heavy duty additive for a high performance cutting and machining. FOVAC ® KEX is transparent clear with makes it easier to view the work piece for precision work. As an excellent oil for machining, treading, tapping, drilling, bending, cutting, gear tuning and even light stamping. As a heavy duty machining / cutting oil for ferrous metal, alloy steels and high carbon steel. As a medium duty machining / cutting oil for non-ferrous metals such as brass, bronze, aluminium, magnesium etc. Enquire Enquire
32 F169 SWH Slideway Oil InfoFOVAC® SWH Slideway Oil is formulated from high quality paraffinic oil compounded with our patented ZIM TM additive to further improve the lubricating properties. FOVAC ® SWH has been designed to lubricate the slideway of machine tools either of the horizontal or vertical type. FOVAC ® SWH is also a general-purpose high viscosity index oil that is used in combination as a hydraulic oil in certain machine grinder, which share the oil the slideways as well as a universal circulation lubricating oil for bearings and gears. Enquire Enquire
33 F177 CRM Mold Release Oil InfoFOVAC® CMR Mold Release Lube is highly concentrated concrete casting mold release agent that is formulated for heavy duty release applications. FOVAC ® CMR is compounded from mineral oil base stock and fortified with additives, release agents and special inhibitors to give outstanding release properties and prolonged efficiently. FOVAC ® CMR is typically used as a release agent for concrete, cement and ceramic. FOVAC ® CMR can be applied either manually or by automatic spray systems and this will give a proper release every time. Enquire Enquire
34 F217 SFF Food Grade Release Lube InfoFOVAC® SFF Food Grade Release Lube is a special blend of food grade polymer-based fluid that is specified by food industry for the purpose of releasing various materials. Ordinary release agent will not last long and also leave lots of sludge behind, in FOVAC ® SFF special additives have been incorporated to give superior clean performance and with extended usage. FOVAC ® SFF is widely used in the food industries and conforms to FDA Regulation for Incidental Food Contact. FOVAC ® SFF is highly concentrated for economical dilution ratio with water.

Meets or exceeds these specs. FDA Regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 For incidental food contact

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35 F317 SKM EDM Fluid InfoFOVAC® SKM EDM Oil is an aromatic-free fluid developed for the needs for modern high precision machining. Most regular EDM oil degenerate rapidly whereas FOVAC ® SKM is able to withstand the harsh spark erosion process to give a much longer lifespan. Used primarily as a dielectric oil in spark erosion metal working process, FOVAC ® SKM is further enhanced with special additives to inhibit evaporation and increase flash point for a better long lasting and economical usage. Enquire Enquire
36 F339 FSO Fluorinated Hitemp Lube (PFPE) InfoFOVAC® FSO Fluorinated Oil is a special synthetic range formulated from perfluoropolyether (PFPE) which is obtained by a photochemical process using hexaflouropylene base.  Since FOVAC ® FSO chemical chain contains only carbon, fluorine, and oxygen atoms, they have exceptional properties that are designed specifically for applications that require wide-temperature serviceability, low volatility, oxygen compatibility, fuel, chemical, chlorine resistance, acid resistance, corrosive gasses resistance, solvent resistance, non-flammability and compatibility with plastics and elastomers. FOVAC ® FSO also meets MIL-G- 27617 specifications for high temperature and oxygen compatibility. Enquire Enquire
37 FS-37 MCF Refrigeration Compressor Oil InfoFOVAC® MCF Refrigeration Compressor Oil is is a specially formulated blend of paraffinic oil for lubrication of reciprocating, screw and rotary refrigeration compressors in all types of system. FOVAC ® MCF incorporates superior additives to be chemically stable, thermally stable, having low floc and pour point that are the prerequisites of an excellent lubricant. FOVAC ® MCF covers a wide range of operation temperature from abnormally low to extreme high to give improved performance and reliability at all times. Enquire Enquire
38 K104 SPP Punching / Stamping Oil InfoFOVAC® SPP Stamping Oil was developed from specially selected blend of additives and solvent to achieve the requirement set by machinist in their course of stamping and punching operations. FOVAC ® SPP is available in different viscosity from light duty, complete evaporating type to heavy duty type for stamping, punching, forming, blanking or drawing applications. Special patented additives are incorporated into FOVAC ® SPP not only to protect against rust and corrosion but to ensure that the finished product has a smooth surface finish with negligible scratching and burring. FOVAC ® SPP is available in various types to suit the many applications from fast evaporating type to heavy duty forming oil which also provides good lubrication to protect mold and tool die and its’ special features Enquire Enquire
39 FPO 21 POE Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Oil InfoFOVAC® POE Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Oil is formulated from synthetic oils based on highly-stable polyol esters (POE). FOVAC ® POE are perfect for use with chlorine-free HFC refrigerants such as R 134a, R 404A, R 407C etc. FOVAC ® POE has excellent stability and outstanding performance to withstand heavy duty long term operations. FOVAC ® POE recommended for refrigeration systems where HFC refrigerants are used. Examples are

  • Household refrigeration such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and heat pumps
  • Commercial refrigeration applications such chillers in business, shopping mall and hotel air conditioning, and low temperature transportation
  • Industrial applications such as food preparation and freezing, as well as cryogenic applications

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40 FTX 22 10W Transmission Oil InfoFOVAC® 10W Transmission Oil is specifically designed for heavy-duty powershift transmissions. Formulated for extended drain intervals, FOVAC ® 10W contain top-quality paraffinic basestocks and a high level of top-quality additives selected specifically for powershift transmission performance. They offer unmatched transmission friction performance, smooth brake operation, reduced gear and bearing wear and increased equipment life. FOVAC ® 10W extend time between overhauls. FOVAC ® 10W exceeds Fuller CD-50 performance specification and is ideal for use in Fuller, Rockwell, Spicer, Fabco, Warner and other large truck manual transmissions. Enquire Enquire
41 FSX 41 AHL Aviation Superclean Hydraulic Fluid ( MIL-H- 5606G ) InfoFOVAC® AHL is a mineral oil based “super clean” hydraulic fluid containing special oxidation inhibitor with a non-zinc antiwear additive. FOVAC ® AHL possess very good low temperature characteristics and capable of operating over a wide temperature range. FOVAC ® AHL is dyed red for identification and leak detection purposes. It is specified for used in aviation and industrial hydraulic systems where very low temperature flow properties are desired, synthetic rubber seals are in use and “super clean” solid particle contaminants standards are required. FOVAC ® AHL may be used in aircraft applications where a MIL-H- 5606G specified “super clean” hydraulic fluid is required. It is also used in industrial and mobile hydraulic systems when extremely low startup temperatures are expected. FOVAC ® AHL can also be used in hydraulic systems calling for non-zinc type hydraulic fluids in low temperature applications. Meets military specifications MIL-H- 5606G for mineral aviation “super clean” hydraulic fluids. Enquire Enquire
42 FSB 71 BDO Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid InfoFOVAC® BDO Hydraulic Oil is special biodegradable, anti wear hydraulic oil formulated from special high oleic mineral base oil, fortified with our patented DERVON™ Anti Wear Additive and other selected additive, including anti-rust additives to maintain consistent pressure in the hydraulic system at temperatures from -50°C to 230°C. Small spills of FOVAC ® BDO Hydraulic Oil is readily biodegradable when expose to air with the help of naturally occurring organisms. FOVAC ® BDO Hydraulic Oil uses a special blend of additives that is completely free of zinc and chlorine to meet the specifications of some hydraulic systems that has silver-lined parts. Enquire Enquire
43 F78F White Oil InfoFOVAC® F78F White Oil is manufactured from high quality base fluids are extremely versatile and meet the needs of a broad range of applications. They are used widely in the food processing, cosmetic, hair care, plastic, pharmaceutical, laboratory, textile and other industries. They are manufactured to meet strict government regulations such as FDA and USDA regulations, conform to NSF, Kosher and Pareve Enquire Enquire
44 FWX64 CLP Gun Lubricant/Cleaner/Preservative InfoFOVAC® CLP Gun Lubricant is formulated from synthetic oil and special additives to provide the safest and easiest way to clean, demoisturize, lubricate and protect all types of firearms, cannons, reloading equipment and gunsmith tools, including plastic, metal and stainless steel parts. A modern firearm will deliver its maximum shooting potential and remain trouble-free for an unusually long period of time if properly cleaned and lubricated. Ignoring this will inevitably lead to wear, power and accuracy loss, and ultimate breakdown. Improper lubrication can cause damage to the gun and possible injury to the shooter and bystanders. Understanding the principles will both increase shooting effectiveness and assist functioning. FOVAC® CLP contains special cleaning additives to give a proper cleaning job while incorporating corrosion inhibitors to help protect and properly lubricate firearms against rust. Also, FOVAC® CLP is safe to handle and does not emit any harmful vapors. FOVAC® CLP does NOT contain harsh 1,1,1 Trichloroethane, citrus or ammonia based ingredients. This means firearm users can clean their weapons inside without the need for sophisticated, expensive ventilation systems. And best of all, it has a light pleasant fragrance instead of the overpowering smell of harsh solvent based chemical cleaners. FOVAC® CLP meets or exceeds Military specification MIL-L- 63460 and MIL-L- 63450D. Enquire Enquire
45 FGG25 FEG Food Grade Gear Oil InfoFOVAC® FEG Food Grade Gear Oil H-1 is a premium quality semi-synthetic food grade, extreme pressure, antiwear lubricant that is specially formulated for use in all types of enclosed gear drives, where there is a possibility of incidental contact with food and drinks. FOVAC ® FEG meets and exceeds the requirements of U.S.D.A. H-1 and 21CFR, paragraphs 178.3570, 178.3620(b) and 573.680 of the Food and Drug Administration Regulations. FOVAC ® FEG is blended from the highest quality, highly refined and purified non-toxic, non-staining technical white oil and U.S.P grade white oils and hydrofinished food grade polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids available. This unique combination provides the FOVAC ® FEG with the following advantages. Enquire Enquire
46 FMB100 JCB Motorcycle Oil 2T 4T 10w40 InfoFOVAC® JCB Motorcycle Oil is formulated with a new additive technology specifically designed to meet the severe lubrication demands of latest high performance 2 and 4-cycle motorcycles. This new additive technology protects not only the engine, but transmission and clutch system as well. This insures smoother clutch operation, protection against slipping, and long drive system life. Typical automotive engine oils are not designed for motorcycle clutch and transmission lubrication, and are specifically prohibited by some motorcycle EOM’S. For 2-cycle motorcycle operation, use FOVAC ® JCB 2T where it is used pre-mix or as VRO oil delivery system and delivers excellent service up to 100 : 1 ratio mixture. Meets JASO FB/ISO EGB standards. FOVAC ® JCB 2T is also widely used for outboard motors, snowmobiles, go-carts, watercraft (jet skis), lawn mowers, snow blowers and all-terrain vehicles. For 4-cycle motorcycle operation, use FOVAC ® JCB 4T to give outstanding performance for increased power at the same time savings in fuel. Enquire Enquire
47 FQS63 MSM Outboard Motor Oil TC-W3 InfoFOVAC® MSM Outboard Motor Oil is a TC-W3 certified oil specially formulated for high powered air and water cooled outboard engines of all displacements. Is an ashless formulation that may be used in other air-cooled and water-cooled applications, such as on outboard motors, snowmobiles, watercraft (jet skis), lawn mowers, snow blowers, all-terrain vehicles, etc. Recommended in equipment that requires oil injection or fuel/oil mixing. Meets API TC, JASO FB and ISO GB and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) TC-W3 performance level for high-output water-cooled engines. The NMMA was formerly as BIA (Boating Industry Association). The fuel to oil ratio of water cooled engines requiring TC-W3 lubricants ranges from 25:1 to 100 :1, consult your owners manual for specific fuel/oil mixtures. Enquire Enquire
48 FST19 SMB Semi Synthetic Engine Oil InfoFOVAC® SMB Semi Synthetic Engine Oil is fully formulated from semi synthetic hydrocarbons and is further blended with special patented additives to give excellent thermal and oxidative stability. With superior load carrying ability, FOVAC ® SMB is able to give extended service life and overall economic benefits. FOVAC ® SMB will provide superior anti-friction, anti-wear and extreme pressure lubrication to give superior protection to gears and bearings under the most adverse temperature conditions. Enquire Enquire
49 FFP55 SPE Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Oil InfoFOVAC® SPE Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Oil is based on highly-stable polyol esters (POE) fluid. It is designed specifically for the lubrication of refrigeration compressors and systems, using ozone friendly HFC refrigerants. (HFCs are chlorine-free products replacing chlorine-containing refrigerants in the world market). As a result of their good miscibility, FOVAC ® SPE are perfect for use with chlorine free HFC refrigerants such as R 134a, R 404A, R 407C etc. FOVAC ® SPE has a unique additive system to provide outstanding lubricity, wear protection, chemical and thermal stability, and hydrolytic stability. They are miscible with HFC refrigerants and have well-defined viscosity/temperature/pressure relationships with widely used HFCs around the world. Enquire Enquire
50 FTO32 STQ Synthetic Silicone Transformer InfoFOVAC® STQ Synthetic Silicone Transformer Fluid is heat stable premium quality synthetic polydimethyl siloxane base fluid with synthetic performance additives to ensure outstanding and long lasting performance. FOVAC ® STQ has excellent electrical insulating qualities and is widely used for power transformers (from small portable units to those in huge power plants), pulse transformer, switchgears, circuit breakers, x-ray equipment and many other silicone fluid filled electrical equipment. FOVAC ® STQ is safer and has better oxidation resistance compared to oil base transformer fluid that may even pose as a fire hazard as well. Enquire Enquire