FOVAC designed an entirely new way of thinking about lubricating and cooling metalworking operations. Available in several different base, FOVAC coolants lubricates and cools dramatically better than conventional types of coolants.

FOVAC coolants gives long term cooling for many operations such as machining, grinding, cutting, stamping, broaching, forming and drilling. Special lubricity additives ensures tools life is prolonged and machined gets a fine finish.

1 F14 KEX Machining / Cutting Oil (Insoluble) InfoFOVAC® KEX Cutting Oil is a light colored heavy duty cutting and machining oil with high lubricity, extreme pressure additives and excellent polar characteristics. FOVAC ® KEX is formulated from high quality, severely hydro-treated oil and added with heavy duty additive for a high performance cutting and machining. FOVAC ® KEX is transparent clear with makes it easier to view the work piece for precision work. Enquire Enquire
2 F20 SKV Machining Coolant (Soluble) InfoFOVAC® SKV Machining Coolant is superior cutting fluid for use for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. FOVAC ® SKV is developed from virgin mineral oil and fortified with our special additives to give an excellent, long term, trouble-free, foul smell-free performance. FOVAC ® SKV mixes readily with water to form stable emulsions and has good rust-preventative properties. It is inhibited against foaming. This product is suitable for a wide rage of metal cutting and grinding operations. It will effectively remove heat from the work piece and can be applied as a stream or in mist form. FOVAC ® SKV is a premium quality soluble oil with a higher concentration of emulsifier for outstanding emulsion stability. This feature gives extra protection against oil-water separation under adverse conditions such as poor water quality or contamination of the emulsion with dirt or tramp oil. In addition FOVAC ® SKV contains a bactericide to provide resistance to the formations bacteria and of objectionable odors thereafter. FOVAC ® SKV meets the exacting standards of machinist for it’s superior cooling and lubricating properties to result in a high precision work piece. Enquire Enquire
3 F21M STA Marine Coolant InfoFOVAC® STA Marine Coolant is a concentrated coolant specially engineered for marine applications where the onset of corrosion and cavitation erosion is far more probable than other areas. FOVAC ® STA improves transfer of heat from the engine to be cooled at the radiator and at the same time prevent corrosion, cavitations and scale build-up in the cooling system. FOVAC ® STA provides maximum protection and ensures smooth running of the ship and prevent over heating of the in your marine engine or power generation system. FOVAC ® STA has ethylene-glycol based anti-freeze incorporated (to prevent freezing and boiling over) with a special anti-rust additive (nitrite free) to control scale and corrosion in the system. Our patented URROM™ lube additive is added to lubricate the water pump too. FOVAC ® STA is environmentally friendly and meets ASTM specification D3306, ASTM D4985 and Military Specifications MIL-A- 16153C. Enquire Enquire
5 F41 SCL Synthetic Coolant InfoFOVAC® SCL Synthetic Coolant is a fully synthetic and biodegradable coolant formulated for the process of grinding, cutting, machining, drilling, broaching and milling. FOVAC ® SCL is nitrite-free and used extensively in the industry on various soft to hard metals, glass and plastics. Special additive are incorporated to give a high quality finish on glass and prismatic lenses. FOVAC ® SCL also do NOT contain phenols, chromates phosphate, chlorine or sulphur and overcomes the many disadvantages often associated with other synthetic coolants and soluble oils such as foaming, rusting, gummy residue, foul smell, salts and rancidity. Enquire Enquire
6 F48 AMK Release Lube InfoFOVAC® AMK DyCast Release Lube is highly concentrated water emulsifiable die release agent that has been developed to out perform other similar products. FOVAC ® AMK is compounded from high quality hydrotreated base oil and fortified with emulsifiers, release agents and special inhibitors to give outstanding release properties and prolonged efficiently. Enquire Enquire
7 F204 MJS Semi Synthetic Coolant InfoFOVAC® MJC Semi-Synthetic Coolant is a low pH, amine free, high performance semi-synthetic, emulsion based machining coolant. It can be used for all type of machining process on Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum,Copper and Brass , Magnesium and Stainless Steel. FOVAC ® MJC can be used for both Individual and centralized coolant system on various machines. Machining on computer Hard Disc Drive (HDD) parts, Aerospace parts, Defense equipment, Communication equipment and other. Enquire Enquire
8 NR825 Tapping Coolant InfoFOVAC® NR 825 Tapping Coolant is a high quality blend of Mineral Oil compounded with Chlorinated Ester and other additives to give superior performance for tapping, drilling, turning and general machining. FOVAC ® NR 825 is made extra heavy duty to handle much higher specifications from modern day machinist and at the same time provide cooling effect to the work piece. In short, FOVAC ® NR 825 lubricates and cools to give even precision work a fine smooth finish. Enquire Enquire
9 T35W Welding Coolant InfoFOVAC® T35W Welding Coolant c/w anti rust is a non-toxic, non-combustible coolant that prevent corrosion at the same time. It is a highly efficient torch coolant for use in all welder torch radiator circulation and re-circulation systems. FOVAC ® T35W is specifically formulated and recommended for: MIG Welding, Weld Joints cooling, TIG Welding, Laser Welding and Laser Cutting, Plasma Welding, Robotic Welding, Resistance and Spot Welding, FOVAC ® T35W also eliminates the hazards of damaging mineral deposit, which are built up internally during the operation thereby prevent clogging. It lubricates pump, liner, gasket and seal, thus extending time between preventive maintenance. Its corrosion inhibitors protect iron, steel, aluminum, brass and copper components.  The rust inhibitors of the coolant are extended life and can re-inhibit so its running life is more than other coolant. FOVAC ® T35W is more environmentally friendly & resists freezing. Its thermal stability and dielectric properties make the cooling liquid suitable for high performance welding torches used in the industry. Enquire Enquire