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Professional Condensate Management System (CMS) by FERROVIC CORPORATION (M) SDN BHD using BEKO TECHNOLOGIES.

It is always a problem in having an effective and efficient way of managing condensate from the compressed air system. The wastewater (condensate) needs to be disposed in a particular manner in which it complies with the factory’s best interest (in terms of proper discharging methods while maintaining energy-saving motives) and also, to the local regulatory laws.

With incorporation of BEKO TECHNOLOGIES’ line of accomplished equipment into the factory systems, customer will obtain a unique and professional Condensate Management System (CMS) with expert consultations from us.

Products offered to customers:

  1. Best-selling Zero-Air-Loss auto condensate drain (BEKOMAT®)
  2. Refrigerated air dryer (DRYPOINT® RA eco)
  3. Desiccant dryer (EVERDRY®)
  4. Emulsion splitting plant (BEKOSPLIT®)
  5. Oil-water separator (OWAMAT®)
  6. Catalytic converter (BEKOKAT®)
  7. Air filters (CLEARPOINT®)
  8. Measurement and Instrumentations (METPOINT®)

To instill customer confidence, FERROVIC CORPORATION has trained technicians for installations and after-sales service for BEKO TECHNOLOGIES’ products.

  • FERROVIC CORPORATION (M) SDN BHD’s technicians are well trained in BEKO TECHNOLOGIES’ full product details, particulars and unique installation methods.
  • With thorough trainings and constant site hands-on experiences, our technicians are able to diligently check, identify, advise and provide quick solutions.

Our valued customers:

1 BEKOMAT® Zero-Air-Loss auto condensate drains to drain accumulated condensate from the compressed air system Info

  • Best-selling
  • Zero Air Loss auto drain
  • Only condensate is drained (no compressed air is drained)
  • Energy saving auto drain
  • Superb reliability
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent durability
  • Fully automatic
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Sturdy built
  • Level controlled auto drain
  • IP65 – weather proof
  • Ultimate solution to condensate discharge

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2 DRYPOINT® RA eco New age high capacity Refrigerated Air Dryer Info

  • Achieves an amazing 3°C pressure dew point
  • Higher inlet temperature of up to 80°C
  • Higher capacity refrigerated air dryer in the market
  • Comes with zero air loss BEKOMAT auto drain, without compressed-air losses
  • Energy saving: Variable Speed System and Cycling-System

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3 EVERDRY® Desiccant dryer Info

  • EVERDRY is also known as an adsorption dryer
  • Achieves less than -70°C pressure dew point
  • For strict manufacturing requirements of electronic, food & beverage and other industries
  • Designed for fully automatic and continuous operation
  • Zero air purge

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4 DRYPOINT® M PLUS Membrane dryer with an integrated nanofilter Info

  • All-in-one: filtration and drying in one housing
  • Able to achieve -35°C pressure dew point
  • No need of electrical supply
  • Plug and play

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5 BEKOSPLIT® Best-selling splitting plant for treating compressed air emulsion condensates (adsorbing oil from water) Info

  • Electronic monitoring of the operating states
  • Natural wastewater treatment
  • End results: Wastewater (condensate) with no presence of oil contaminants
  • No aggressive cleaner
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Solves emulsion condensate waste problem through splitting process
  • Low investment requirements
  • Longer maintenance intervals

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6 OWAMAT® Oil-water separator Info

  • Owamat takes into account of the environmental and water protection and follow the holistic approach of sustainability.
  • Cost efficient oil-water separation
  • Energy saving: Does not require electrical supply
  • Convenient to use
  • Effective filters elements and easy to replace

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7 BEKOKAT® Unique catalytic converter to convert oil-flooded compressor into oil-free compressor Info

  • BEKOKAT provides constantly oil-free compressed air for highly sensitive applications.
  • future-oriented catalysis technology
  • Converts oil-flooded compressor into completely oil-free compressor
  • Cost effective compared to the price of investing in an oil-free compressor
  • Oil-free compressed air supply can also be retrofitted
  • Dependably remove any oil elements
  • BEKOKAT units surpass even the most stringent specifications of ISO 8573-1, Class 1 oil content.

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8 CLEARPOINT® High performance Air Filters for oil aerosols, dirt and separates water. Info

  • Efficient filtration between 30 % and 130 % for the energy-optimised volume flows
  • Up to 30 % higher volume flow
  • Simple, safe and space-saving connection to multiple filters
  • Performance range from 35 to 34,680 m³/h at 7 bar
  • Corrosion protection by utilising high-temperature galvanising
  • High-performance filtration: up to 10-fold increased oil aerosol deposition rates
  • Optimum energy efficiency: Extremely reduced differential pressure
  • Application-based: Able to fulfil every compressed air filtration requirement with just 3 filtration rates
  • Comes with zero air loss BEKOMAT auto drain which also monitors filter element change intervals.

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9 METPOINT® Measurement and Instrumentationsi. Dew point meter
ii. Flow meter
iii. Pressure transducer (electronic pressure gauge)
iv. Leak detector
v. Monitoring of oil residual in compressed air system
vi. Centralized monitor of all parameters
Infoi. METPOINT® DPM – Dew point meter
ii. METPOINT® FLM – Flow meter
iii. METPOINT® PRM – Pressure transducer (electronic pressure gauge)
iv. METPOINT® LKD – Detects compressed air leakages with ultrasonic, high frequency detection
v. METPOINT® OCV – Monitoring of oil residual in compressed air system
vi. METPOINT® BDL – Centralized monitor of all parameters
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