FOVAC has a comprehensive range of Maintenance Chemicals packaged in handy aerosols for easy dispensing and getting to hard to reach spots.

Contact Cleaners, Belt Dressings, Penetrant, Anti Rust, Silicone Release spray, Grease spray etc are all packed in handy 400mi cans for ease of use.

1 F155 Dry Lubricant InfoFOVAC® F155 Dry Lubricant is a superior, long lasting, extreme condition dry film lubricant and anti-seize coating. It is formulated with micron sized molybdenum Disulphide and graphite powder that withstands high temperatures and extreme pressures. It provides a dry film lube especially suited for use in dirty or dusty atmospheres. Burnishes into metal to provide long term lubrication and protection. It is inert to water, oil, alkalis and acids. Once dispersed onto the metal’s surface the molybdenum disulfide/graphite plates itself to the metal surface to form a long lasting solid lubricant film. This solid lubricant film will withstand pressures up to 500,000 pounds per square inch, thus giving the metal surfaces the protection needed during periods of high shock loads and extreme pressure. FOVAC ® F155 solid lubricant film also helps to reduce friction. This reduction in friction results in reduced wear, a reduction in contact area temperatures, and the prevention of the galling, seizing and fretting of metals. This in turn results in increased equipment life and less downtime. Enquire Enquire
2 F202 Insulating Varnish (For Electrical Insulation) InfoFOVAC® F202 Clear Protection Coating is a specially formulated heavy duty rust preventive metal treatment coating which has very good spreadability (one liter covers up to 50 square feet). FOVAC ® F202 chemically bonds to steel to form a semi-hard, non-porous coating that won’t crack chip, or peel. It works by isolating metal from moisture. Without moisture present, steel can’t rust. FOVAC ® F202 provides a clear, tough, durable and flexible protection and waterproofing for all spare parts, moulds, machine parts, offshore equipment, motor windings, pipe threads, outdoor decorative ornaments, terminations, printed circuit boards, panels and other equipment. FOVAC ® F202 contains a blend of special state-of- the-art liquid polymers that forms a barrier coating to insure corrosion and rust prevention in very severe corrosive and marine environments. Enquire Enquire
3 F28 Silicone Mold Release InfoFOVAC® F28 Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant is an additive enhanced high performance clear silicone lubricant. It has a high silicone content and is excellent for all types of maintenance and production uses. Because of its non-toxic properties, it as commonly use as a clean release coating in the plastic, food, electronic, plastic and rubber industries. Enquire Enquire
4 F28A Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant InfoFOVAC® F28A Food Grade Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant is a food grade, high viscosity silicone lubricant. It has a high silicone content and is excellent for all types of maintenance and production uses. FOVAC ® F28A has excellent lubricity, high dielectric strength, and protection against corrosion. It is safe to use on the majority of plastic, metal and rubber surfaces. A fine spray is all that is required to keep materials moving freely on bins, chutes, conveyors, glides, assemblies and other surfaces. Typically used as a clean lubricant in the food processing, bottling, packaging, canning, electronic industries and as a release coating in the plastic and rubber industries. FOVAC ® F28A is colorless in appearance and besides being important to cleanliness and hygienic applications, also meets specifications below Enquire Enquire
5 F28P Paintable Mold Release InfoFOVAC® F28P Paintable Mold Release is heavy duty non-silicone release spray formulated with our own patented additives to cut your cost of production and improve efficiency. Used extensively in plastic injection and rubber industry, FOVAC ® F28P helps to provide more releases per application, improve cycle times, reduce rejects and optimizes production. Enquire Enquire
6 F32 Electrical Parts Cleaner (Contact Cleaner) InfoFOVAC® F32 Electrical Parts Degreaser has been specially developed as an indispensable cleaner for the electrical and mechanical maintenance, servicing and production people. FOVAC ® F32 is a high quality non-residue, effective electrical and mechanical solvent cleaner that effectively remove oil, grease, carbon, dirt, ink, grime and other soils from spare parts, electrical contactors, plastic injection molds, switchgears, motors, oily equipment, breakers and most any surface. Because of it’s many diversified uses, FOVAC ® F32 is specified for use in many industries including Automotive, Aviation, Agriculture, Heavy machineries, Oil and gas, Electronics, Electrical, Production facilities, Marine and even in institution like Hospitals and Hotels. Enquire Enquire
7 F35 Penetrating and Cleaning Oil InfoFOVAC® F35 Penetrating and Lubricating Oil is a highly multi purpose product that was developed for use to degrease machine parts, loosen rusted bolts, starts wet motors, cleans rust, lubricate moving parts and provide an excellent anti-rust coating as well. FOVAC ® F35 incorporates a fast acting penetrant additive that actually dislodge rust to free seized assembly parts, bolt and nuts and at the same time lubricating the parts. FOVAC ® F35 is also used in the outdoors to demoisturize electrical panels, protect PCB and control boards. Enquire Enquire
8 F85 Belt Dressing Spray InfoFOVAC® F85 Anti Slip Belt Dressing is formulated to extend belt life by conditioning the belt, improving grip/traction and reducing belt tension. This unique coating is non-drying, water resistant and chemically stable. Age and temperature can cause belts to wear out prematurely. FOVAC ® F85 conditions belts to help prevent premature wear. FOVAC ® F85 also helps eliminate squeaks and chattering, and reduces the strain on bushings and bearings. The tacky coating resists being washed off and is applicable for indoor or outdoor uses. FOVAC ® F85 does not contain CFCs, 1,1,1-trichloroethane that will deteriorate belts or indirectly deplete the ozone. Enquire Enquire
9 F91 Mold Protec (Anti-Rust) InfoFOVAC® F91 Mould Protec is a durable Rust and Corrosion Protection Compound used for all types of metal surfaces. FOVAC ® F91 effectively displaces moisture from any wet surfaces to form a light colored protective coating that can last for years Enquire Enquire
10 F95S Chain And Linkage Spray InfoFOVAC® F95S Chain and Linkage Spray is a high quality formulation designed for lubricating chains and other sliding surfaces. FOVAC ® F95S works well when used to lubricate and protect chains, cables, wire ropes, gears etc. Its’ deep penetrating action ensures that it lubricates the pin and bushes of chains and the internal parts of wire ropes as well. FOVAC ® F95S is derived from our newly developed hydro-treated oil and incorporates our patented wear-resistant additive KEVTON™ to further protect the components as it lubricates. FOVAC ® F95S resists throw-off, dripping, water washout and remains effective from -30ºC to +280ºC. Enquire Enquire
11 CPG Gasket Remover InfoFOVAC® CPG Gasket Remover is a powerful formulation in a can to quickly remove old and sticky gaskets from Pipe Flanges, Joints, Engine Blocks, Motors and Pumps etc. FOVAC ® CPG contains special additives to neutralize the adhesion between metal surfaces to ensure the easy removal of gasket material. It’s fast-foaming action penetrates the most stubborn or baked-on gaskets and softens it within minutes for an efficient maintenance job. FOVAC ® CPG eliminates the need for harmful and time-consuming mechanical abrasion, scrapping and sand-papering. Enquire Enquire
12 F55 Liquid Spray Grease InfoFOVAC® F55 Spray Grease is a specially formulated multi purpose lubricant that was developed for convenient usage for a multitude of greasing application. FOVAC ® F55 is made from high quality base oils and lithium complex thickeners that provides the film strength, shear resistance and mechanical stability required for good grease lubrication. This combination excels in high and low operating temperature ranges by providing excellent oxidation stability, high temperature dropping points, good low temperature torque values and good low temperature pumping capabilities. FOVAC ® F55 is compounded with an effective oil soluble extreme- pressure additive for heavy loads, plus oxidation and corrosion inhibitors that impart good oxidation stability and rust protection. FOVAC ® F55 gives excellent adhesion properties and water resistance as identified by ASTM D-1264 water washout test. This resistance to water means a protective film of lubricant remains present to protect equipment against wear while the corrosion inhibitors prevent rust. FOVAC ® F55 adheres to metal in all types of environments and resists squeezing out during operation. These qualities ensure maximum lubricant protection during harsh operations. Enquire Enquire
13 F S33 Anti Spatter Spray InfoFOVAC® F S33 Anti Spatter is specially formulated to coat onto metal surface prior to welding as a release to prevent weld chips from sticking onto metal surface. FOVAC ® F S33 is used extensively in engineering works to control weld spatter. FOVAC ® F S33 is extremely heat resistant that prevents weld spatter from building up at the nozzle of CO2 gas shrouded welding guns. FOVAC ® F S33 is a non-toxic liquid anti-spatter that stops spatter every time while leaving no residues that inhibit further processing such as painting or galvanizing. FOVAC ® F S33 leaves no spatter on the workpiece and no pinholes or porosity in the weld seam. Welders working with stainless steel will appreciate the ease with which the stains and oxides are removed, as well as the lack of spatter. FOVAC ® F S33 is unique in its formulation in that it not only stops spatter, but also leaves no sticky gummy residue. Most anti-spatters available fail at one or the other criteria. This criteria is essential when using robotic welders where residual build-up and spatter on the product, jigs and fixtures can cause a multitude of problems. FOVAC ® F S33 can also be used when plasma cutting, especially on pipe. Enquire Enquire
14 F61 Wire Rope Lubricant InfoFOVAC®F61 Wire Rope Lubricant is formulated from a semi-synthetic base oil and enhanced with additives to give it superior performance. FOVAC ® F61 is of semi-fluid consistency and with special wetting agents will penetrate into the core of wire ropes where protection and lubricating is most difficult. FOVAC ® F61 meets all requirements of cable, chain and wire ropes manufacturers and its special features are listed below Enquire Enquire
15 FRZ Freezer spray InfoFOVAC® FRZ Freezer Spray is a rapid cooling agent for locating faults in electronic components and for cooling thermally sensitive parts during soldering or calibration. FOVAC® FRZ instantly cools small components and isolates circuits to assist with diagnostic of heatinduced failures. It aids in the assembly of close tolerance or interference fit configurations and is a helpful tool for many other engineering and automotive applications Enquire Enquire
16 FTL PTFE Dry Lubricant Spray InfoFOVAC® PTFE Dry Lubricant Spray is great clean, dry lubricant for protection against corrosion and as a durable lubricant. It is resistant to almost all chemicals and suitable for use over a wide range of temperatures. FOVAC ® PTFE has excellent anti-stick and lubricating properties as it is based on a special resin bonded PTFE system which has been formulated for applications where the use of wet or silicone based products is undesirable. Enquire Enquire
17 AS66 Anti Static Spray InfoFOVAC® AS66 Anti Static Spray concentrated blend that grounds out static-instantly. Spray on printing parts, electrical components, plastic parts and binding equipment to eliminate static that can be hindrance in many operations. Also used on folders, collators, gluers, feedboards, feed arms, conveyors, drive belts and all areas where friction causes buildup. Spray the edges of paper stock and plastic sheeting to eliminate static. FOVAC ® AS66 reduces electrostatic charges generated by friction and atmospheric conditions. FOVAC ® AS66 reduces airborne dust accumulation and is safe to use on most substrates. Particularly useful in the textile and paper making industries or for use in dust laden atmospheres Enquire Enquire
18 ADR Air Duster Spray InfoFOVAC® ADR Air Duster Spray is an all-purpose sterilized cleaner that removes dust, dirt, microscopic debris and other dry contamination from delicate electrical equipment with just a powerful dry blast of inert gas. It is ozone safe and used extensively in precision engineering and electronic factories. FOVAC ® ADR conforms to NSF K2 (No. 140256) for use in the food industry and is specified in food processing plant where it is Ideal for removing ‘dry’ residues such as flour, cereals, grain, tea and coffee powders etc. Enquire Enquire